Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by santarakan, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. santarakan

    santarakan New Member

    anybody know the meaning of this mindgame logo ?
  2. White Trash

    White Trash Member

    For sure, everybody does !
  3. santarakan

    santarakan New Member

    ... can you explain ? :)
  4. koubis

    koubis Terminator Staff Member

    each icon represents one of the mindgame pro riders
  5. manulocus

    manulocus Member

    hammer is for feinberg.
    The eye is for Latimer If I remember correctly
  6. santarakan

    santarakan New Member

    can you match each symbol ?
  7. santarakan

    santarakan New Member

    half moon= shima ?
  8. santarakan

    santarakan New Member

    anyone ?
  9. dan mikesell

    dan mikesell New Member

    fire=farmer, hammer=feinberg, windmill=aragon, eye=latimer, moon= brandon cambell
  10. .Fx

    .Fx Member

  11. AshGavin

    AshGavin New Member

    Dan Mikesell is right except for one thing (I think!)
    This represents the mindgame sum when BANG! came out, which included Bambrick. His gimmick in the video was a bouncy ball, and the moon-looking thing is supposed to represent that lit from the side, I guess.
    The fire/Farmer one is my favourite, because upside down it looks exactly like the new emo haircut he had in his BANG! section, the first ever video to make skinny jean blading look good.
  12. dan mikesell

    dan mikesell New Member

    nope, the partial moon was b-cam, look for pics of his pro wheels...

    what i did get wrong was how to spell his name, last name spelled Campbell.
  13. dan mikesell

    dan mikesell New Member

    best pic i could find of the wheels unfortunatly, but you get the picture...
  14. .Fx

    .Fx Member

    I loved those skates.
  15. mikehoward

    mikehoward New Member

    Still got those skates!!! lovely feel
  16. santarakan

    santarakan New Member

    thanks guys
  17. PePsjkEe

    PePsjkEe New Member

    Please Answer The Question...Wheels 89a GOing On 90a ?

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