2009 WRS Pro Tour: The Chaz Sands Invitational

The Chaz Sands Invitational

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Full Results:

1. Julien Cudot
2. Brian Aragon
3. Montre Livingston
4. Franky Morales
5. Chris Haffey
6. Steven Swain
7. Roman Abrate
8. Andy Gilbert
9. Chaz Sands
10. Joe Atkinson

1. Romain Godenaire
2. Andy Gibson
3. Andy Gilbert
4. Adrien Anne
5. Adil Farhouni

1. Jenna Downing
2. Fallon Heffernan
3. Aurore Costabile

Edit by Brazilionaire.

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  • obi dick

    putain bouleau j’ai cru que t’etais un putain de bilingue je suis decu, ca m’avait encore plus donne de reves que l’edit

  • http://rollernews Thomas Bouleau

    outsiderlookingout nique ta grand mère la karlushhhhhaaaa
    arréte de me parler fils de pute ou je te casse le cul

  • Guy

    Spin to win YAWN. Where are the wallrides, cess slides, flips, airs etc. Fucking compititons..

  • Clemounet

    For OutsiderLookingOut,

    What the real Thomas Bouleau try to mean is that somebody has used his name to say some shit. And the “sa mère la pute” was addressed to this felon, and not to you.

  • http://www.rollernews.co.uk Ben Hansen

    best wrs edit.
    one of my faves edits in a while.
    people why are rollerbladers hating on rollerbladers?
    no need.

  • http://www.rollernews.com jair

    it wasnt just a spin to win contest, and there where crazy lines!!! and big hammers like a crazy disaster soul from haffey! this is just one of the first edits!!! i hope somebody filmed the big airs and other stuff!!

  • bballog

    I like the style of the edit, but the Spin to Win snore……………

    Park looked sick. I want to see the good stuff. Lines please.

  • Spary

    cudot’s skating was very impressive to watch that weekend. He seemed to be the first with his skates on and the last with them off on both days. i wish i was that young again!!

  • Spary

    Joe Atkinson should have won tho!!

  • Matt

    yo, this looks like a real sick contest. what’s the song? i know its Amazing by Kanye West, but its a remix or something. any help?

  • http://www.forwardfreestyle.com steven

    fuckt those guys that think cudot is just a contest skater…

    cudot rips the street to… on anything !
    and he does thos spintricks alsow on STREETRAILS, not just in parks on contests…

    and about not skating lines…

    cudot skated lik the most perfect lines… some one allready said he did a 720 on the ramp to take speed for a disaster grind where other skaters just droped in to take speed… sounds like line skating to me… and he didn’t fall once, unlike all the other pro’s

    all you haters just can’t skate… ist just that easy


  • germain

    respect monsieur Cudot,tellement la classe d’ètre devant Montre et et Aragon…

  • Jezza_Kal

    yeah cudot represente ta tou dechirer mec tu le merite! BIIIM

    tro de barres bouleau jai tellemen rigoler! AH SALE BATAR!! die motherfucker die!

  • rolablader


    Just bitchbitchbitch, if you dont like it, get your skates and do something better! Haters.

    I went to Chaz Sands inv. and the HUGE 900 corkscrews over the jump box were insane, especially seeing as it was the locals doing them, dont know why they weren’t included in this edit, looking forward to seeing more edits and finding myself in the crowd (H)

  • skelmo


    Just bitchbitchbitch, if you dont like it, get your skates and do something better! Haters.

    I went to Chaz Sands inv. and the HUGE 900 corkscrews over the jump box were insane, especially seeing as it was the locals doing them, dont know why they weren’t included in this edit’

    agreed julain didnt kill everyone what he did was amazing an he deserved to win but there were kids there goin in sane an it wasnt all spin to win thats just all that was shown in the edit stop hating bitches if u dont like it dont fuckin watch it its that simple go an get over yourselfs

  • Maik.

    damn i wasted so many minutes of my life to read those bitchass comments…

  • -.-.-

    Same Maik…

  • fuck faced fuck

    toy story 2 was an ok movie…

  • http://www.justsayword.blogspot.com KOkid

    i hate the fucking internet. dope edit brazil.

  • very nice

    that was a sweet edit, and BOX contest (from what i can see from that edit)
    One thing though, No one i’ve ever skated with has ever cheered when i didn’t lock a topside, unless i was trying some hard ass trick i’ve never tried b4 and came close. But the only reason then was because i almost did a trick i’ve never attempted. Thats it, wouldn’t count it as a LACED trick until i actually LACED it. Not locking on your frame and soul completely at the same time is not a trick, it’s a hazard and a bad habit at best. I am really not dissing anyone, just think it’s unfair to other competitors, thats all.

  • Aurore Coco

    Bien joué pti ga, la france est fiert de toi.
    Continue comme ca, reste comme tu es et ne fait pas attention a ce que les autres disent.
    On t’adore Bisou

  • stupid

    horrible gay faggot song. jesus christ. and whats up with all of you faggots calling people “haters”? you are being a hater of the hater you hypocrites. doesn’t that ever strike you morons?

  • jay

    what’s the name of the song?

  • Clemounet

    Very Nice,

    The goal of an edit is to show the best tricks, and the best tricks were laced on that box.

    And your so fuckin’ jealous !!! (From what I can read from your comment)

  • oxoo

    ahah trop de haine, normal dur à accepter k’un ptit gars de 16 ans arrive 1er, mais ouais c’est la réalité ! 16 ans et devant aragon, montre… ba moi j’admire c’est tout ! donne nous du rêve cudot !

  • http://www.forwardfreestyle.com steven

    here’s an idea for all those crybabies:

    instead of of crying on the internet about edits, music and tricks that arn’t topside…


    you guys don’t know shit and you arn’t shit !

    and you al probably have a smal penis to… thats why you all complain so much on the internet… ;o)

    PUSSYFARTS !!!!!!!

  • nickmobb

    Frankie should of won for that top soyale on high quarter. Illiest steeze ever. . true pro.

  • Brandon Andersen

    The whole all around edit was super sick. I love all of Brazilionaire’s edits The slomo just made the effect better. The song was on point. Everything was good about it from an editing view. The contest looked really sick too.

  • Anthony Williams

    i honestly loved that edit..was dope to me.,.since when has rollerblading ever been down played for doin frsh tricks that only few can preform..like tha song said. AMAZING!! why hate on what u cant do..point of a contest is and should always be..whoever represents tha hardest on all aspects should win..wether its spinng or whatever..and the haters wonder why our sport is dieing..we to busy hatting on ourselves, rather then praising what we got..

  • blake

    how old is julien cudot?

  • Mr.Red

    Steven : Pussyfarts <3


  • MatteoFR

    “So amazing” edit !
    Very high quality tricks, filming and editing !
    Thank you

  • Ali.D

    if you was there you could see exactly why cudot won he killed killed killed!!!!!
    his tricks might hav looked rolled in the clips but if you was there and saw it they clearly werent and those diasters are huge!!!
    julien is a beast!!!!

  • rollin

    yea what is the song cause i know its amazing by kanye west, but i can’t find it on itunes. It is like a remix.

  • jim

    where can u download this exact song, can only find a version with lil weezy in but its not as good qualiy as this.

  • http://www.rollernews.com aleksandar

    how can you use kanye west for an edit ?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??! HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN ?!?! 14 years old kids in my school know that…aaaah….cMOoon it’s a SHAME, we are rollerbladers we are different we dont listen to hits … its really sad =( !!! DONT BE JUST STUPED AMERICANS !!!! THERE ARE TONS OF GREAT MUSIC!!!!!!!!!

  • http://facebook paul

    here is how it shuld it been judged
    haffey, then aragon then montre codot then morales