2000 Fleer Adrenaline Cards on Ebay

Cardz4u is selling oldschool rollerblading cards on Ebay. Link

Featuring Aaron Feinberg, Jaren Grob, Josh Petty, Cory Miller, Matt Salerno, Morgan Pszko, Todd Grossman, Shane Saviers, Matt Lindermuth, Shawn Robertson.

skating cards

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  • warf

    they should have never stopped makin these. they are fuckin cool and would be even cooler if we could have kept collecting them through the years

  • Anonymous

    oh my god… so long ago.

  • CK

    haha just bought a Josh Petty one

  • rollerblading is gay

    holy shit. i completely forgot about these. i remember gettin some at an ASA show. i laughed then. im laughing now. horrible idea

  • Alex

    woot! I remember those! Ahhh, the good-old 5th elements on Jaren

    so amazing.

  • CK

    Good-old Khutis you mean ;)

  • josee

    i have some in my garage :)

  • girl x

    When rolling ruled all~sigh~too bad.. I wish rolling was still like it was back in the 90’s, but I guess it’ll be like Biggie Smalls said “It was all a dream.”

  • Anonymous

    I disagree, as much fun as skating was back then, it meant more to people who knew nothing about skating. Now skating means THE MOST to skaters because we have been doing it soooo long it is a part of us. Skating is better than ever, just look at all the amazing skating and products our industry offers now compared to lets say 1999. We shouldn’t measure our industry strength by outside numbers and influence.

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