2 hours at TAZ with Stephane Alfano by Guillaume Latrompette

Stephane Alfano

Song: Le Bavar feat Anfalsh – De la Soufriere a la Montagne Pelee.

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  • obv_ryze

    tu t’ameliore de mieux en mieux gayom. sinon nique unkut et vive anfalsh :D

  • tiger blood

    what he said^ lol

  • Anonymous

    That edit made me wanna skate this park so bad… ho ,and I like his t-shirt

  • pppppppppppppppp

    good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good really good

  • Wolfgang

    most unsympathetic person in skating…. his skating does not interest me


    Damn he kills it on park
    does he skate street?

  • neko

    you can not like the man, but you can’t say he isn’t good , you miss smthg .

  • Wow

    Has learned to be a lot more control. best edit ive seen of him even though predictably its in a park

  • Dj.BUH


  • Herbert

    I just can’t take him seriously as a person …

  • Lejuif

    Shit ty…

  • Anonymous

    Worst attitude in rollerblading ever! Fuck this cunt!

  • Anonymous

    This guy compete next to grob dennis and all the legends in 2002 and never ever get anything from rollerblading, a part a spot on deshi, and recently one on kaltik team, and everybody is shitting on him because he don’t let jojo sack him

  • Pom West

    Stop posting this faggots shit, no one gives a fuck.

  • Anonymous

    @ Sluglord : If have a good memory there’s a street edit of him on rollernews ,posted something like one or two months ,maybe more

  • Anonymous

    Nevermind ,I can’t find it… but there’s still this vid of him in barcelona but the quality and the editing are quiet bad : http://www.rollernews.com/stephane-alfano-vs-barcelona-edit_5167.html#comments

  • http://www.koubis.com/ koubis
  • Tempus fugit

    Worst dude in the worst skatepark. This park sucks, you can’t even wax anything, it’s infested with bikes, too many kids ,etc… It’s like a kindergarden for action sports.

  • fools are tools

    t-shirt is absolute rubbish. listen to gandi. “violence begets more violence” if you want peace be peaceful. Don’t spread nonsence like that to kids.

  • alexander

    Dude’s a killer! Damnnn that last trick was so sick….

  • Joe

    I like this dude. Hasn’t done me any harm and his skating is top notch, remember the crazy 360 disaster soul he did on a handrail.

  • Luke

    ^I think you´re talking about Cyril Daniell´s hurricane topsoul at the achosenfew.com real street contest in stuttgart. Alfano disaster inspin topsouled the forum gap to ledge spot!

  • bakjoul

    ^Alfano also did what Joe said. Can’t remember where but it was a at park contest. Might be NL.

  • kmcgloughlin

    last trick was a joke
    the boy is an animal
    plus to fools are tools,
    i think the t shirt might mean” prepare to fight the good fight”,but ya ,peaceful is good,:) cant argue with Gandi

  • ian

    yall are drama queens. who gives a shit about his attitude, you probably will never meet him or actually get to know him so how can you hate his personality? his skating is tight and there’s no denying that.

    skating used to be about not giving a fuck what other people think, but now it seems like all the haters care about is image

  • Greka

    He landed a huge 720 disaster TS in a contest in France few years ago (sthg like “galadiator comp”), u might not like his style but u can’t but respect the style… stop hating guys or u’ll be just like his T shirt.

  • Greka

    “u might not like his style but u can’t but respect the style”, I meant respect the skills…

  • Anonymous

    Franky Morales kicked his French ass in LG Sports World Championships and he responded by mooning the crowd. Inline was then kicked out of LG. Fuck him. Cry baby loser.

  • nice

    Always been my favourite rollerblader and always will.

  • god.

    ummm… i thought that was bad ass that he mooned the crowd haha… fuck LG … rollerblading needs controversial people like stefan alfano.

  • Dj.BUH

    this kid has shit in his head, no matter how good he is at skating. bitch is a bitch, allways

  • Alfanose

    Worst dude ever, fuck him and who wants to see that athletic skating anyways? Boring as fuck!

  • olivier

    Je rigolerais qu’il fasse un jour une vidéo ( en street ou park on s’en fout) où on ne voit pas ce que ç’est lui.
    Je serais curieux de lire les commentaires ….

  • GreKa

    ^Damn true !!!!

  • Anonymous

    big tricks bad personality..

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • Stephane Alfano

    Fuck all your mothers, french are the best!

  • Dj.BUH

    lol dude stfu cant wait till ull talk to the fist jebany napinaczu

  • Freddube

    You people are so lame lol, he is may be a Idiot, but this is rollerblade and not a personality contest stop hating. Those trick are crazy. What is this French better than english ———————————http://images.icanhascheezburger.com/completestore/2009/4/21/128848440487345827.jpg

  • French Suck!!

    If you shout on them they surrender and will gave up their country

  • Marko

    Lache rien minot!!! Nalf @ the control!!!

  • annonimous

    Putain c’est anglo-saxons sont vraiment des grosse putes… Et lâcher un comme agréables sur les riders français c’est trop vous demander ?

  • Cole Collins

    Alfano has done some pretty bad things for our sport guys, you can’t deny that. He is the opposite of Jon Julio and Brian Aragon, he gets us less exposure. Quit exposing him to the public or else he will continue to do the same shit like he did in the past! THE MAN HAS NOT CHANGED!!!

  • Anonymous

    Alfano Kill your sister anyway watch out to your mom to ! he can be behind you at anytime ! truly fact !

  • vins