12 days in Denver with Geoff Phillip

The Quit Your Life Tour. An idea to make an edit in each city with a different camera/ filmer/ editor.

After the Wichita trip was cut short due to James leaving on an unexpected business trip, I returned to Denver CO to film part 6 with the boys.

12 days in Denver with Geoff Phillip

I cut off all my hair, bought some new skins and started spot hunting. I skated every day, whether driving for miles with Mykel Fatali or skating around in the heart of the city with Walker, and I managed to clip up enough for this edit.

I hadn’t skated any Denver spots since my El Chupo part, so it was nice to sort of look at the city with fresh eyes and try to explore different options for the spots I already knew. The rest is a blur of kush smoke and good times with my homies in Renfer. Next up: West Coast Trip Edit.Geoff Phillip.

Edited by Mykel Fatali. Filmed by Ian Walker, Mykel Fatali, Greg Schlosser, Justin Barr and Howie Bennett. Filmed using a canon t2i, sony nex7, Panasonic hvx, and canon 7d.

In case you missed the first five stops on tour:

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  • rasdoerty

    hammer !!!!!!

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • Anonymous

    One of the very best in the game right now. So creative.

  • valoagent

    when he will picked up by valo? WHEN
    dont sleep

  • Anonymous

    So fuckin great. Love it

  • Anonymous

    Hi Valo, please give this guy a pro skate. He’s repped your company this past year harder than ANY of your riders. I will PROMISE to actually buy a Valo skate again if you do because I would skate the shit out of a Geoff Phillip pro skate. Thank you.

  • not required

    most edits of the year go to….Geoff P all creative and quality blading. someone pick this dude up.

  • Anonymous

    Underrated for sure

  • 70SAV

    Sweet edit. Diverse, solid, stylish, smooth and techy. Dope.

  • USD Rider

    USD, listen up, get this guy on your team. Valo are a bunch of faggots and this guy will on top for many years. Fuck Valo.

  • valo team

    maybe he is not on the team because assholes aren’t a good image to have under our company?

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t fit the cookie cutter valo team rider template. DENIED.
    Not like those dudes get any product anyways.

  • Soulja boy

    Thank you for always making good edits!

  • Anonymous

    That seemed like it was put in fast motion?

  • Dan-Man

    the boss hoff don’t stop.

    thank you for brightening my dark winter days

  • Mike

    wow. quite ridiculous. one of the only bladers putting out as many quality edits as franky. good good shit. wish I was in Denver… for a couple reasons

  • Ruudje S.

    Is it just me, or does everyone notices the Alex Broskow style of raising the arms up in the air after finishing a trick, everyone sports nowadays?

  • Graeme Wilson

    12 days of skating. Insane as always. Crazy hammer, Gee-off.

  • Broskow

    Yeah dude don’t do my sword arm thing stick to your style , I got jermy doing it now you , I guess I will reinvent myself , but dope skating bro

  • geoff phillips is a beast!!!

    why isnt he pro yet!?!

    making the big names look bad these days!!!

  • Anonymous


  • god

    one decent/slightly above avg year does not a pro skater make.

  • @god

    several years of tippity tap washed up vest skating doesn’t make a pro either. time to retire the frauds and make room for some younger talent. rollerblading is tired of seeing 30-year old vest skaters. this guy is the real deal. I don’t expect Valo to sign him – Valo sucks dick – but a real skate company like USD should jump on this guy.

  • Anonymous

    valo team Says:
    January 8th, 2014 at 5:36 pm
    maybe he is not on the team because assholes aren’t a good image to have under our company?

    haha, your team is made up of the biggest assholes in rollerblading. maybe he’s not your team cause he makes all your riders look really bad?

  • damn

    USD could be good, I would love to see him in some Dom West edits. ;)

  • god

    to talk about alex broskow, soichiro, bailey, gav drum, victor, etc. in such a way is an embarrassment to our culture and shows you know nothing of what you speak. this guy does not make any of those guys look bad in even the teeny tiniest way. get fucked.

  • jdouggie

    I didn’t read the rest of the comments so sorry if I’m repeating someone else…

    I can’t help but root for this kid. It’s awesome to see him do what he’s doing… probably what all of us late-20-somethings want to be doing, just traveling and skating and living, instead of working.

    At first I was ‘burned out’ on his super-pro-pot edits, but then I realized I’m a hypocrite because if I didn’t have a job that’s all I’d do too… skate, smoke, and travel. Making me jealous.

    Now for the skating, dude is getting REALLY good. Very consistent, confident, and very easy to see improving quickly. Creative too, it’s hard to call his tricks before he does them (which I’m usually pretty good at haha).


  • Anonymous

    lol, bunch of washed up tippity tap skaters on Valo. Geoff is too good for their shit team.

  • KCMO !

    lol @ trollernews troll dissin the Valo team !!! haha Did any of you watch V ! Shit was fucking crazy !

    I’m sure Jon Julio is aware of Geoff and knows what he’s doing.

    The scariest thing about these edits is that you can literally see the improvement in his skating form edit to edit. He should certainly be am on Valo… pro though… I don’t think so, not yet.

  • Osama Bin Laden

    This dude is so good I was thinking about asking hi to join me team: THE TALIBAN


    @Osama You’re such a fag. FUck you and your beard. Geoff’s style has the SS written all over it. Plus he’s white. I’m gonna telegraph him a message about joinng the NAZIS.

  • Osama Bin Laden

    @the ADOLF HITLER Schindler’s List was the worst movie ever. Go back to humping dudes and riding razor scooters with your stupid hipster mustache.


    I heard Frankie Morales was looking for a new team. Put a turbin on that dude and youre good to go. You’re the one with the hipster facial hair. Nice beard faggot.


    SS? As in southern scum?

  • Shut up

    Wow. That escalated quickly.

  • Anonymous

    This dude is amazing! Love to wach his skating… keep on doing!!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing cool about skating a spot when you’re asked not to. We need to show respect as a community and I lost some respect for Geoff after that topacid. Blading is already on life support, nothing cool about running our reputation further into the ground no matter how good your tricks are.

  • Anonymous

    What are you on about you dick head ^
    He clearly wasn’t arguing with the woman and I think he comes across as a respectful grounded and utterly skill full blader.
    He isn’t at a pro status because he is still on his journey but he could hold his head above water riding next to any pro. He is totally lovable.

    Sick keep doing what your doing bro!

  • Camille-Antoine Donzel

    Nice tricks + hammers = bomb !

  • UltrAVltra

    yo just to let everyone know- There isnt n asshole bone in that niggas body. ive known him for years and he is one of the most respectful, motivating, and all around good vibes kind of guy to be around. never talks shit about anyone, will skate a spot with anyone, and will sit patiently for an hour waiting for his friends land to land tricks he had first try 5 years ago. Keeps it real harder than anyone else. Only time ive seen that guy truly unhappy was during his ankle injury last year. grow up about the weed shit too little girls, lets hang a dude for enjoying a healthier alternative to your liquor and pbr. Geoff- proud to know ya bud

  • Buckner

    Met Him at Mile High a couple years back. Super nice guy giving daps and pounds all around….I hope for him a injury free year & lots of good skating exposure….and maybe a winning scratch ticket for gas money & new skates:)

  • Anonymous

    Love Adolf and bin ladens input cracked me up. Geoff is just really enjoyable to watch. Everyone knows it and it’s exciting tuning in at this stage and seeing the progression of the blading and being here before he blew up. Very much reminds me of when Montre just joined ssm!

  • Anonymous

    So yeah Geoff if your reading this finish this project then start doing secret park sessions (can tell this is probably the opposite to what you’d naturally want to do) and then start smashing the fark out of comps. It’s exactly what Montre did smashed out amazing street edits and then started entering and eventually wining every comp.

  • Philly

    Great edit but easy with the kush.

  • Anonymous

    He is way better than Valo Pro Brandon Smith, who is a stiff. To become a Valo Pro, you need to deep throat Julio’s dick, wait till you’re 30, and become homosexual. Geoff needs to get on the USD Pro team and fuck Valo. American skate companies are dead anyway.

  • #PCA4

    Nigga said I lost respect for him after that top acid” dude u sound soo lame for saying that, u probably were the class tattle tell when u were in grade school

  • Anonymous

    Yeah your not particularly doing anything wrong being honest about weed especially as a lot of people wouldn’t probably realise how associated it was 14 years ago with the life style of blading. But I’d say until you got a couple of sponsors keep it dl but just remember everyone, ain’t shit said about Montre smoking baseball bats, oh is it because he is black and that’s what they do?

  • Anonymous

    Usd are up there with the wackiest most unprofessional companies going. They still had joe Atkinson on their website a year whilst he was riding ssm – a global company with a very public presence, unbelievable laziness.

  • pollos hermanos

    steel drums nuff said really!

    dope edit.

    as for skate brands meh who cares.