Vine St (Australia) by Dom West: Leftovers, Part 2

Vine St is a rollerblading video from Sydney, Australia, based upon the residence of 58 Vine St.

The video features full sections from: Richie Eisler, Rian Arnold, CJ Wellsmore, Tien Nguyen, Mass Alhattawi, Simon Dorabialski, Charlie Ruckly, Craig Brocklehurst, Dom West, Jamie Knapp & James Bower.

Frenchy Fries posted an article about Dom West & the australian scene:

In recent years, Australia has made quite a comeback in the blading world. With many tours, strong events, and most of all, quality media coverage.

Along with a tight crew, and skaters like CJ Wellsmore & Rian Arnold, a talented videographer (Dom West) emerged and produced the heavy hitting Vine Street video. […]

We’re proud to give you a chance to learn more about him, his work & his projects. […]

Check the full Dom West Article.

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  • Carlos ” Lalau” Diamante

    AWWW!!!! aussie mates!

  • db

    rian arnold is pro. common xsjado, GIVE BEN SCHWAB THE BOOT! KICK HIM OFF AND PUT RIAN ON THERE!!!!

    last trick was amazing

  • smoker

    btw….whos Ben Schwab?

  • udo

    last trick was really nice !

  • Pete Burn

    rian harnold is a machine ! … cj 2 héhé ! good job guys !


    love this shit!

  • nano-vlc

    booooooom!!!! increiblee! please song?

  • dave

    I got a fever! And the only prescription is more Vine St!

    Love this shit, Roll it!

  • Pawel

    Song: Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle (pretty Lights Remix)

    Enjoy :D

  • will J

    Is there anywhere that we could download the extras section? I downloaded video (paid) but I want the extras also.

  • iPog

    How did most of that not make the final video? especially that last trick, that was just silly.

  • Anonymous

    the last trick was more recent. rian is my fav blader ever

  • Adrien Anne

    Last trick is a banger!!!

  • Mj

    Rians needs to skate more…

  • Brendan

    Richie Eisler made it rain once more. Last trick was “sick,wicked and nasty”

  • Be

    We need a Vine Street 2.

  • Champion Bumstimulator

    Buy or Die!

    Suck on my nipples

  • Australia FTMFW

    rian arnold looks like an immortal from 300!

  • ere

    Awesome ! Super !
    Your comment was a bit too laudatory.
    Ton commentaire est un peu trop élogieux

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    why are you wearing a skirt … ?