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Chynna Weierstall: Supergirl Rail Jam (2008)

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Chynna Weierstall: Supergirl Rail Jam (2008)

Chynna Weierstall shared online a video of the Supergirl Rail Jam (Venice Beach, CA) taking place in 2008.

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A day at Venice (2015) by Ulysse Prom

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

With Dre Powell, Chris Calkins & Michelle Steilen.

A day at Venice (2015) by Ulysse Prom

Music: R.I.C.O. (XVII Remix).

Franky Morales + Erick Rodriguez: Venice Beach Park

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Franky Morales Erick Rodriguez: Venice Beach Park

Filmed & edited by Brazil. Guest starring Stephanie Rodriguez.

Song: Caligula ft. Wiz Khalifa – Fighter Jet.

Venice Beach Skatepark: First Sunday Session

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Venice Beach Skate Park

Every first Sunday of each month here in southern California we have a big session at one of the many skate park the area has to offer.

It’s just one day of each month where everyone in socal can come and meet up and skate together for a few hours. This month we did it at Venice Beach skate park. This skate park is notorious for being run by the “dog-towners” and if you’re there on the wrong day with a few friends there may be a chance you will get into a fight.

As stupid as that is, it is a reality sometimes at certain skate parks. So we decided to have one huge session there so we could wax and skate everything we wanted to. Turned out pretty good.

Next session is on April 3rd the day after the Rockillers Street comp. The session will take place at a skate park called Bell Gardens starting at Noon. Come out if your in the area. First Sunday sessions would not be possible without the help of it’s organizers: John Labez, Jeremy Soderburg and Quinn Feldman.

Juan Mosqueda, Venice Beach by Jeff Linett

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Juan Mosqueda, Venice Beach by Jeff Linett

Juan Mosqueda, Venice Beach by Jeff Linett

Juan Mosqueda, Venice Beach by Jeff Linett


Supergirl Jam 2009 (Venice Beach, CA): Edit

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Supergirl Jam took place on Venice Beach, CA, bringing out the best female athletes in the disciplines of inline, snowboard, skateboard, and surf. Inline was a best trick contest, judged solely on individual tricks, in a 15 minute jam session. You could fall the entire time and have one great trick that could win. Parts of the contest will be shown on The WB, and a recorded live stream can be found here:

All I have to say about this weekend is that the rollerblade girls represent SUPER FUCKING DUPER HARD for the sport and looked so good and professional versus any other sport out there. We went so hard, fell terrible, landed badass shit… but still did it looking feminine. That aspect is important to maintain, especially when able to showcase at an event like this. We also looked THE HOTTEST at the afterparty on the rooftop ;)

Supergirl Jam


  1. Coco Sanchez (Distaster sweat stance to fakie)
  2. Aarin Gates (Negative fishbrain)
  3. Fallon Heffernan (Alley oop top soul)
  4. Chynna Weierstall (360 true spin mizou)
  5. Katie Ketchum (Top soul to alley oop unity)
  6. Shannon Rodgers (Backside Torque)
  7. Fabiola da Silva (Alley oop porn star)
  8. Crissy Grasselli (Bin soul)

More pictures of the event:
Thanks Shannon Joy Rodgers.