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Spot Check: Tucson (Arizona, 2014)

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

With Derek Stanton, Taylor Monnig & Zared Yates.

Spot Check: Tucson (Arizona)

Filmed & Edited by Ben Parker Karris in Tucson, Arizona.
Music: A$AP Rocky – LVL (get the song on

A Day in Tucson (Arizona) with Zared Yates

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

One day in Tucson featuring Zared Yates and Derek Stanton, presented by The B Roll.

A Day in Tucson (Arizona) with Zared Yates

February 2013: I pack up my life and move to Tucson. Though only an hour southeast of Phoenix, the two Arizona cities are worlds apart.

The former is a bustling metropolis, a concrete sprawl of suburban decadence, a tres chic palm-tree-lined oasis. The latter, a small desert city not too far from Mexico and brimming with the charm and character of the Old West.

The neon signs of motels built in the 1950s line roads with names like Miracle Mile. Tucson is a real piece of Americana. Derek stopped in a few weeks ago and we shot this edit in an afternoon. – Ben Karris.


Quick Hits with Joey Chase in Tucson

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Joey Chase skates the famous school in Tucson, Arizona that Dustin Latimer skated in Brain Fear Gone.

We were here for about 5 minutes before it got dark so that Joey could do a couple tricks for fun.

Joey Chase

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