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Tom Leong: Scumpire Edit (2016) by Ian Walker

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Tom Leong: Scumpire Edit (2016) by Ian Walker

Tom Leong and I have been working on this part for quite some time now. We’ve had brutal winters, smoking hot summers, and everything in between.

He also pulled double duty this past summer filming for Dan Armbruster’s 2nd video 2TRILL, featuring a full part from Tom. So it is a great pleasure to release this part to the public. Tom is a sweet dood, who truly knows how to lay it down. enjoy.Ian Walker.

Filmed & edited by Ian Walker. Additional filming by Howie Bennett.

Pappy (2015) Edit by Tom Leong

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Pappy (2015) Edit by Tom Leong

Featuring (in order of first appearance): Tom Leong, Eric Woods, Jimmy Kobryn, Ignacio Lopez, Steve Nichols, Ray Gerena, Osbel Velez, Ian Walker, Greg Freeman, Howie Bennet, Austin Cooper, Zach Pavel, Zac Burlingame & more.

Previously: Colorado: Crake (2014) Edit by Tom Leong.

Colorado: Crake (2014) Edit by Tom Leong

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Crake by Tom Leong (Colorado, 2014)

Went to Colorado, road trip and stuff. Additional footage from Eric Woods and Greg Freeman. Thanks to Eric Woods for consultations and to Krista Ciecura for the titles! – Tom Leong.

Featuring Eric Woods, Myself, Howie Bennet, Dan Armbuster, Cody Lampman, Dustin Spengler, Ian Walker, Greg Freeman, Zac Burlingame, Jeremy Spira and Mykel Fatali.

Music: John Zorn – Miller’s Crake.