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Montre Livingston: Blading Cup 2012, Clips

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Filmed by Erick Rodriguez and Rachard Johnson, edited by Erick Rodriguez.

Montre Livingston: Blading Cup 2012

Music by Pusha T.
The Blading Cup: More Media | Visit

Jon Julio’s Blading Cup 2012 by Beau Cottington

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Blading Cup 2012

A highlight edit from the footage I filmed at the 2012 Blading Cup.Beau Cottington.

Filmed with a Sony HDR-AS15 and a Canon 60D DSLR with a Canon 15mm f2.8 fisheye lens.



The Blading Cup 2012: Full TV Show Online

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

The Blading Cup

Featuring Julian Bah, Billy O’Neill, Brett Urbas, Ben Schwab, Dre Powell, J.C. Rowe, Michael Fromley, Brian Shima, Kevin Yee, Brandon Smith, David Sizemore, Elliott Stevens, C.J. Wellsmore, Gavin Drumm, Roman Abrate, Brian Aragon, Victor Arias, Erik Bailey, Alex Broskow, Joes Chase, Chris Farmer, Demetrios George, Robert Guerrero, Chris Haffey, Sean Kelso, Dave Lang, Montre Livingston, Nick Lomax.

ASA Entertainment | Them Goods Distribution | Blader Made.

Full Show: (more…)

The Blading Cup: a weekend In Orange County

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

The Blading Cup: a weekend In Orange County

We’re in the desert. Our skin a deeper red than the rocks waiting to greet us across the Arizona border as the sun sets and the sky above Orange County turns purple way off in the distance.

I smoke a Marlboro cigarette. I turn up the music in my headphones – Janis Joplin – staring straight ahead and I exhale the last two days: Remnants of ocean air and sand cling to my bronchial tree where they’ll probably remain the rest of my life.

We’re quiet. I’m browsing Instagram in and out of service and losing focus in the blur of trains, trucks, telephone poles, and tourists speeding by into oblivion.

Each one of us occupying a seat in my roommate’s Jeep is thinking about our weekend in Santa Ana. The Blading Cup. […]

Full Article + Photos on
You can download the video: blading_cup_2012_progressive.mp4 (76mb).

The Blading Cup 2012: Fox Sports Schedule + Full Results.
Thanks dsteeez & tdskate01.

The Blading Cup 2012: Fox Sports Schedule

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Update: quoting a mail from Jon Julio:

Hi everyone, Jon Julio here.

We are getting close to November 16 when the 1st Blading Cup Show will air on Fox Sports Network. This is a nation wide television show.

The Blading Cup show is 44 mins long in a 60 min time block. The Blading Cup show will air into 23+ million homes.

Starting November 16th – 21st, we have a total of 6 hours airing the Blading Cup show guaranteed.

We have prime time hours for the show. You can check your local listings for the Blading Cup here.

The Blading Cup 2012: Fox Sports Schedule

Themgoods released the Blading Cup 2012 Fox Sports Schedule (November 1st, 2012).

The Blading Cup 2012: Fox Sports Schedule

The Blading Cup 2012: Photos, Report & Interviews

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

The Blading Cup 2012
up: Photos by Brandon Smith & RW.

Photos & Reports: Brandon Smith | RW | Live 2 Blade | Themgoods.

The Blading Cup 2012
up: Photos by Brandon Smith.

Pacific Rim Video Interviews: Jon Julio, Beau Cottington, Bladies, Arlo Eisenberg, Brian Bina & Thinh Le (Haitian Mag), Katie Ketchum, Andy Kruse, Alex Broskow, Robert Guerrero, Kevin Yee, Erik Bailey, Brian Aragon (+ beginner tips), CJ Wellsmore, Chris Haffey.

Jon Julio Interview

Arlo Eisenberg Interview

The Blading Cup 2012: Pacific Rim Video, Interviews

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Update: 5 interviews added on Youtube:
Brian Aragon, Erik Bailey, Kevin Yee, Rob Guerrero, Alex Broskow & Andy Kruse.

Blading Cup 2012

As Pacific Rim Video expands its coverage into more genres, we decided to cover inline skating sports event The Blading Cup 2012 held in front of The Yost in Downtown Santa Ana, CA this past Saturday, October 6, 2012.

Just like boarding and bmx, blading has its roots in the streets and takes on the rails, stairs and ramps to execute their moves.

The Blading Cup 2012 brought together bladers from around the world to compete in this high energy sports event all brought together thru Jonathan Julio who also held a grand opening of his new shop Them Goods in Santa Ana.

With the resurgence of blading, Pacific Rim Video’s Chris Trondsen spoke to the 2012 Blading Cup Winner CJ Wellsmore of Australia & Chris Haffey, the only roller blading pro that is currently part of Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus Live Tour 2012. Video produced by Peter Gonzaga.

2012 Blading Cup Winner: CJ Wellsmore (Australia) (Full Results)

Chris Haffey Interview after semi-finals

Thanks Brazil & Anon.

The Blading Cup 2012: Full Results

Monday, October 8th, 2012


1. CJ Wellsmore
2. Chris Haffey
3. Erik Bailey
4. Jeff Stockwell
5. Robert Guerrero
6. Kevin Yee
7. Alex Broskow
8. Montre Livingston
9. Ben Schwab
10. Billy Oneill


1. Gavin Drumm
2. Kevin Yee
3. Michael Froemling
4. Michael Garlinghouse
5. Howie Bennet
6. Paul John
7. Wake Schepman
8. Marcus Benevides
9. Chris Calkins
10. Anthony Williams

Results: Themgoods.

The Blading Cup 2012: CJ Wellsmore, 1st place

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

The Blading Cup 2012: CJ Wellsmore, 1st place

The Blading Cup 2012: CJ Wellsmore, 1st place

The Blading Cup 2012: Full Results.
Photo: Seba Skates.

The Blading Cup 2012: Orion Livestream

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

Randy Spizer The Blading Cup 2012

Randy Spizer, Louie Zamora & Friends streamed the Blading Cup 2012 on Orion Live.
Stream Offline.

Randy Spizer The Blading Cup 2012

Randy Spizer The Blading Cup 2012

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