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Taig Khris: Eiffel Tower Drop & Sacre Coeur Jump Photo Comparison

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Photo comparison of the Eiffel Tower Drop (2010) on the left and the Sacre Coeur Jump (2011) (Via).

To land on the Eiffel Tower module, Taig Khris dropped 14m (46 feet) ; to land on the Sacre Coeur module, Taig jumped 29m (95 feet).

taig khris

Larger Picture | Video of the Sacre Coeur Jump (2011).

Taig Khris: Eiffel Tower Drop, Newspaper + Articles

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Update: The full official tv broadcast of the M6 Mega Jump is availiable online in HD (48 min), check this link. The video may be restricted outside France. Thanks Pel.

Taig Khris was featured (again!) in the biggest french sport newspaper (L’equipe). Here is the scan of the article:

taig khris

The Eiffel Tower Drop made the news on Sweden’s biggest online news site (Streaming Video).
Thanks Tom Schedin.

More french articles: Le Figaro | Voici.

Videos of the Drop.

Taig Khris: Eiffel Tower Drop, Footage

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Taig Khris: Eiffel Tower Drop

up: Taig Khris’s Girlfriend, Mother & Father.

Taig Khris: M6 Mobile Mega Jump Training

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

10 days to the M6 Mobile Mega Jump, where Taig Khris will drop from the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower (40m) in Paris, France.

Catching a car at 100 km/h (63 miles/h) to train for the reception (Taig will reach the same speed just before crashing into an airbag).

taig khris


Taig Khris: MegaJump Teaser

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Everything you need to know about the Taig Khris, M6 Mobile Mega Jump, which will take place in 18 days in Paris.

taig khris m6 mobile mega jump


Taig Khris: Introduction + M6 Mobile Mega Jump

Friday, May 7th, 2010

taig khris

Taig Khris is showing us some hightlights of his career (first video) and then presents us his 40m Eiffel Tower drop (second video). The current world record for a drop is kept by the skateboarder Danny Way. Both Videos are in french.

Taig Khris: M6 Mega Jump @ the Eiffel Tower (Paris)

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

taig khris m6 mega jump

As announced on this post, Taig Khris will drop from the Eiffel Tower on May 28-29-30 2010. This is a 40m drop from the first floor, Taig will then land on a 25m high quarter pipe.

M6, a french TV Channel is sponsoring the event. You can check the official website at There is a video section showing the preparations of the jump (french language).

taig khris m6 mega jump

taig khris m6 mega jump


I’m sure sure everyone saw the green “thingie” at the end of the quarter.That green stuff is a giant airbag ; there are not enough space to do it another way. When landing on the Quarter Pipe, Taig will be at 70 km/h to finally reach 100km/h and then crash on the airbag (1 kilometer (km) = 0.6 mile).

Taig Khris: Eiffel Tower Drop + French Survivor

Monday, March 15th, 2010

taig khris

Taig Khris recently did an Interview with Premiere (french language).

It seems that Taig Khris will drop from the first floor of the Eiffel Tower (40m drop) ; he now has the authorizations from the town: a 25m halfpipe will be built under the tower.

Other news: Taig Khris will be in the french Broadcast Koh Lanta, which is a french remake of the well know Survivor TV Reality Show. A team of french athletes will fight against veteran winners of the show. He is not on the official website for the moment, and was added at the last minute.

Thanks Momo Sylla!