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Jose Angeles: Skateboarding + Rollerblading (2016)

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Jose Angeles: Skateboarding + Rollerblading (2016)

Filmed by: Randy Catanach, Brandon Cabeza, Tristian Cabeza, Sam Gershwin, Shaun Anderson & Carl Wee. Edited by: Jose Angeles.

Music: Bleachers -Rollercoaster.

Truth #10: Street Skateboaders Can’t Land Tricks

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

the truth!

The Truth Hunters are here!

Sprite has enlisted the Truth Hunters to expose all those embarrassing social truths that we like to keep tucked away and out of sight.

Truth #10: Street Skateboarders Can’t Land Tricks

More Truth at Thanks Jules.

Skateboarders Get Chokeholds From Police

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Cop flips on kids for skating downtown in Hot Springs Arkansas. Jarad Graham, Drew Irwin, Skylar Nalls, Matt McCormack, Robbie Brindley, & Casey Canterbury get arrested.

A dispicable act of police brutality was committed on Go Skateboarding Day by the Hot Springs, Arkansas Police Department. Video of the incident is below. After you watch it, we ask ALL of you to flood their phonelines and email address (below) with complaints regarding the main policeman involved, Officer Joey Williams. You should also contact your local news organizations to help spread the word. The more attention this officer gets, the better for us.

Hot Springs Arkansas Police Department
Phone: (501) 321-6789
Fax: (501) 321-6708
Chief of Police, Bobby Southard
641 Malvern Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901

It seems that the email don’t work anymore. Thanks DaveXDefiant.

Bam Margera is a Blader

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

bam margera

No you won’t see Bam Margera rocking some rollerblades, but here is a photo of him with a Stygma tee.

Thanks to Bassti and El.Julio.