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Mushroom Blading Commentary: Amateur | A film by Joe Navran (2000)

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

Mushroom Blading Commentary: Amateur | A film by Joe Navran (2000)

Todd and Joey watch the 2000 rollerblading video Amateur by Joe Navran. Visit

Alex Broskow: Senate Sponsor Me Tape (2000)

Friday, March 13th, 2015

2006 Repost.

Alex Broskow: Senate Sponsor Me Tape (2000)

Alex Broskow was 14 when he made this to get him on flow for Senate. Came out the same time as Coup De Tat.

Music: Metallica – No Leaf Clover (Live). Facebook Thread.

Bruno Loewe: Senate Standfast Section (1999)

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Bruno Loewe: Senate Standfast Section (1999)

Song: Faith No More – Midlife Crisis. Thanks LacedWithSOB.
Previously: Bruno Loewe (31), Urban Skating in Munich (2012).

Alex Miranda: Day of the Rope Tribute by Aarin Gates

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

alex miranda
Photo: Konoske. Courtesy of One, Blade Life: An Interview with Alex Miranda. Posted here.

“This edit was made commemorating my section in the Senate team video: Day of the Rope.

That was made about 15 years ago. I thought it would be cool to use the same song that Arlo Eisenberg chose for me back then.

I’ve had the greatest times of my life blading, and plan to roll for as long as the body can handle.” –Alex Miranda.

Filmed and Edited by Aarin Gates with help from Demetrios George and Quinn Feldman.

Alex Miranda: Day of the Rope (1996) + Amateur (1999)

Senate: Baking Cookies (1993)

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Senate Fishes Aquarium Frames

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

quoting Hedonskate:

During one our visit at The Conference headquarters we came across this ultra vintage stuff. Have you ever seen a clear Senate Fishes frame? More Pictures.

senate fishes frames

Knuckle Tatoos: Skating Tribute

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

quoting Sb3000:

Tribute to the great skate companies that helped our sport.

Reign – MindgameEngland ClothingSenate.

skating tatoos


Senate Corruptor: 1st time Skate

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

My main goal with the “Senate” youth-teen skate, is to get a new stream of fresh, brand new bladers (with really no exposure yet) and give them an affordable 1st option. I’ve always thought it was hard for a kid/Parent to go and spend $150+ on their 1st pair of aggressive skates, when the kid can buy a skateboard for like $90 or less.

They’re not meant to compete with with our core industry skate brands….they’re only for getting brand new kids into/exposed to our sport…and giving them an affordable choice. So now a kid can walk into a BIG 5… and be able to pick between their 1st blades or skateboard for about the same cost.

If the kids ends up liking blading, google’s senate, then finds our core industry and becomes hooked… Then we have a new fellow blader!! Next they’ll go and buy some USDs / Valos / Xsjados / Razors… That’s the goal.

-Kevin Gillan

senate corruptor skates

The Senate “Corruptor” youth-teen Skate (only for the Sporting goods market).

Youth-Teen sizes 6-12, 56mm wheels, abec 7 bearings, padded liner even w/ J-bar support, printed foot bed and printed inside liner. Also the original Senate frame (mold) w/ in-molded graphics!

senate corruptor skates

senate corruptor skates

senate corruptor skates

Thanks Hirby.

(Lookback) Senate: Supporting Angry Youth

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

senate rollerblading

One strange day, in 2002 or so, my friend Nick and I were sitting at a bus stop in Springfield, VA about to board a greyhound to Nashville, Tennessee en route to Plano, Texas for The Hoedown. We both sat smoking, silently contemplating the long trip ahead.

A random stranger approached asking for a cigarette. I handed him a Camel from my pack. As he lit the cigarette he casually asked if I was wearing a Senate sweatshirt. I replied that I was, and he responded “That’s crazy. I grew up next door to Arlo Eisenberg in Orange County.” His name was Shelby, named after the Ford Mustang, and he had just arrived here to wait for a bus transfer back to California from Virginia beach. He talked to us for a few minutes, claiming to have once dropped a young Roadhouse with one punch in the face, and seeing Arlo selling the first Senate wheels out of his backpack at the local skatepark.

Senate grew from the early days of making grindplates in their garage and selling wheels out of backpacks to at one point bringing in $10 million a year in sales. […]

Check the One, Lookback Article: Supporting Angry Youth.


Sunday, March 22nd, 2009


Senate skates, spotted in a newspaper’s Big5 ad and online.
Thanks Juan Martinez from Northern California.


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