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The Apple that fell far from the tree: Full Video

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

The Apple that fell far from the Tree is a documentary film that depicts a day in the life of Mr. Sean Sea, however on this particular day he experiences a series of daydreams, reflecting different times in his life, that flash through his head uncontrollably throughout the day.

The Apple that fell far from the tree: Full Video

Reflecting on his rollerblading lifestyle and a series of traumatic events that resulted from it causes him to spiral downward into a sad state of depression and lunacy. He comes to the realization that his dedication to his lifestyle has guided him nowhere except into the dirt.

He symbolically covers himself in mud and parades through the streets in one last-ditch effort to eliminate some of the ignorance and stupidity that surrounds his lifestyle. However as he continues parading through the streets covered in mud, he finally realizes his choice to continue on with this lifestyle is not contigent upon how anyone views it, but is for different reasons altogether. Sean Cullen is a real person. The outcome of his lifestyle is yet to be determined.

Also Starring Patrick Lennen and Erik Bailey. Produced by Patrick Lennen.
Additional Editing by Paul John. Tromatik Pictures 2004.

Inri: Sean Sea does lines on Valentines

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Inri: Sean Sea does lines on Valentines

My man has the dopest swagger on the west and none of you lil hater snitches can touch him.

He hasn’t been skating much due to lifes responsibilities so I presented the idea that I make an edit of him skating for a change. It sounded like fun and I wanted to show him that I really am not against him skating, which he seems to think I am.

He laughed at the idea at first but surprisingly came back a couple days later with some clips and told me to get to work. Presenting the real thing, the urban legend himself. The Mort. – Barbie Sea.

Filmed by Jeff Linett & Billy Oneill. Edited by Barbie Sea.
Previously: Sean Sea, Mile High Sessions.

Sean Sea: Mile High Sessions

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Sean Sea: Mile High Sessions

Sean Sea, winter sessions in the 303 (plus 2 old clips). Filmed by Jan Welch, Greg Freeman, Ian Walker, Eric Woods & Malcolm Heard. Edited by Red Dragon.

Sean Sea (32): Inricloth + One Mag, Edit & Interview

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Video back online + interview added.

Sean Sea (32): Inricloth, Goodr Edit

In the past each of your sections has featured at least one trick that’s never been done. What new ground are you exploring?

Still playing a lot with wally to grinds, like actually riding up vertical walls to different grinds. Just coming up with different tricks and ways to ride up and down the wall at the beginning or end of a grind. I think wallies and pole jams look sick on blades.

I am exploring pole jams too, but I think it’s retarded how when some people see a sick pole jam on blades they’re like ‘that was a step-on that was weak’ but it’s like ‘You can’t really jump both feet from a pole that’s literally just starting at the ground’. That’s just simply how you have to do a pole jam. […]

Sean Cullen: An Unusual Suspect. Interview on
Scroll down to read the interview.

Sean Sea (30), Los Angeles CA: Pitrate, Family Edit

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Sean Sea (30), Los Angeles CA: Pitrate, Family Edit


Sean Sea: The Sea Chronickills

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Sean Sea: The Sea Chronickills

Since all the Apple vids are made for non rollerbladers and done in an abstract art-nouveau film kind of way its hard for rollerbladers to watch and alot of the amazing clips that Sean Sea gets are overlooked and unseen by bladers.

I wanted to do something showcasing some of the gnarly clips that Sean gets, in a way thats tailored just for bladers. I present to you the first edition of the Sean Sea Chronickills, Fwhat!Luke Bender.


Sean Sea: Them Apples Section by Pat Lennen (2002)

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Sean Sea: Them Apples Section (2002)

Shot and Edited by Pat Lennen. Additional Filming by Ryan Schude, BJ bernhardt and Elizabeth Dibartolo. Cover Artwork: Alex Soto.

Visit | Inri, The Rebirth Online Sections.

Mushroom Blading: Chris Haffey, Sean Cullen Podcasts, Dustin Latimer Interview & more

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

The Mushroom Blading Website by Todd McInerney & Joey McGarry has a brand new website.

Podcast #72: Chris Haffey (MP3)

chris haffey

Podcast #71: Sean Cullen (MP3)

Sean Cullen

Dustin Latimer Interview by Joey McGarry

dustin latimer

It took me a few years before I could wrap my head around your second Words section. Where did some of those movement ideas come from?

Just where I was in life. Different possibilities and creations manifested and adapted to what apparatus lied near. Rollerblading is free moving unlike fixed postures like skateboarding, biking, etc… So just exploring the freedom and trying to give awareness to others to possibilities that lie outside of the preconceptions.

Do you practice yoga and/or meditation? Or do you not and I just assume you do?

Yes, as all do in their own way, for without unification with the entirety of self, separations delusional insanity lures. How can one be other than that which they are? Yoga/ Meditation, religion are but pathways and means of really seeing and being the being I/you/we are.

How long have you been doing it and how did you get into it?

I got into basic hatha Yoga by the showings of Shane Coburn in the early Mindgame days and since have followed and found my own path of unification… […]

Check the full Interview on
Photos courtesy of Todd McInerney.

Gavin Drumm: Inri Edit by Sean Sea (2010)

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

April 2010, Repost.
Inri welcomes Gav the Sav to the crew.
Edited by Sean Sea and Gavin Drumm.

gavin drumm

Inri, Bladegeist Issue 1: Out of Time

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Inri, Bladegeist Issue 1: Out of Time

Bladegeist number one features Danny Murder, Sean Sea, and Erik Stokley as well as the story of Bills journey on “The Bone Machine” where he drove a gutted 1985 Honda Helix bike from LA to SF.

The following is an online video made from the leftover footage from the first INRI crew video “Rebirth”.

Some of the other unused clips were used and then later taken out due to riders requests. I guess everyone wants to only put their best foot forward huh? I guess thats understandable. Anyway this is the video portion of Bladegeist.

The mag will be released on December 25, 2011. Enjoy.


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