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Sean Knight & Krisztian Szilagyi: Xsjado Edit (2016)

Sunday, February 7th, 2016

True believers to the brand, these ambassadors for Xsjado still represent in many ways some of the skating styles that Xsjado began with laying down hammers with just overall good blading.

Sean Knight & Krisztian Szilagyi: Xsjado Edit (2016)

These two represent cold countries, Krisztian Szilagyi – Hungary in Europe and Sean Knight in Calgary, Alberta – Canada and have never bladed together but, have blading styles that compliment well with each other. Motivating each other from across the pond these inline skater’s are some of Xsjado’s finest doing amazing things in their locations.

Sean Knight: DeFise 2012 Entry

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Sean Knight: DeFise Entry

The Defise (Digital Fise Xperience) is an online contest taking place in october 2012. Send your entry to win 6 000 € & SFR prizes.

If you like the video, click on the top left corner of the player to vote for it.

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Sean Knight (Canada): Shop Task Edit

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

sean knight

quoting Sean Knight:

This a collection of tricks I filmed while skating on my own in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). All these tricks except for one were filmed using a tripod and a Kodak Playsport camera.

I didn’t want the edit to be boring and stagnant, so I added motion to each clip to make the footage more enjoyable to watch. The quality took a hit due to the extra editing but that was expected all along (via).

Sean Knight: Chosen Few Profile

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

sean knight


Sean Knight: Profile Teaser

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

sean knight

Sean Knight: Chosen Few, Profile Teaser

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

sean knight

Sean Knight has been busy filming his Chosen Few profile for the last 3 months and is still going strong.

Here is a short teaser so you can take a peek at what he has in store for all of us. The tricks I hear he’s done for this are ridiculous to say the least.

Sean Knight: GoPro HERO Helmet Camera, Park Test

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

sean knight

quoting Sean Knight:

I went to Millenium skatepark to test the helmet cam. I wore the GoPro HERO on my helmet while Megg Wright shot long lense.

The helmet footage looked pretty good so I made a short edit. I’m glad we had the long lense going as well, otherwise this edit would give you severe motion sickness!

Music: Metric – Hardwire.

Video Stream Down
Via Conference.

A Chosen Few: A Day in Our Lives Episode 3 & Pro Teaser

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Full days with Will Cosgrove, Sean Knight, Tony Rivituso. Skating from casey bagozzi, Sean Keane, DP and more.

Check the Videos in HD Streaming.

A Day in Our Lives PRO Edition Teaser:

Full days of Damian Wilson, Brandon Smith, and Iain Mcleod. With skating from: Chris Haffey, Nick Wood, Winston Wardwell, Dean Coward, Tien Nguyen, Jon Julio, and more.

You can buy it via Paypal for a few bucks here.
More Infos on the forums.

Calgary: A Weekend in the 403

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

skating in calgary

Everyone in Calgary got a break from the rugged winter weather this past weekend. After dealing with -30 temperatures all season, chinook clouds covered the city and warmed it up.

With snow melting and above zero temperatures we were all juiced for a 2010 street session. This edit features Sean Knight, DP, JBo, Dallas Kurtz, Jesse Jost, Kaylo and France.

Sean Knight: Kizer Type M Product Review

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009


Over the past few months I’ve switched between a few different frames searching for something perfect. I wanted to find a frame that’s fast, durable, feels right and won’t snap. I recently received some Kizer Type M frames and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

The frame feel great. It locks really well on soul and h-block tricks fresh out of the box, and only gets better once you’ve worn your own grooves. Whether it’s a rail, ledge or coping, both the soul and h-block slide fast, and they’re really smooth when switching up.

The shape of the frame makes it great for almost any size object you’re grinding, and the UHMW center wears away slowly and keeps the h-block sliding slick.

The frame feels really solid under my feet. They’ve handled a number of drops in the cold Canadian weather, and I haven’t snapped a pair yet. If you’ve never tried the Kizer Type M frame, I definately recomment trying a pair.


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