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Leap of Faith with Niko Salaman (UK, 2016)

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Leap of Faith with Niko Salaman (UK, 2016)

Best Trick comp at The Wild Wheels Showdown at Rush Skatepark. Niko Salaman (18) decided to jump of the biggest thing in the park. whilst filming this i had to close my eyes knowing that he could of ended up seriously injured. He skated away fine. HERO NIKO. – Lewis Blackburn Media.


Si Coburn: Rush Skatepark (2015, UK) by Guy Millership

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Si Coburn: Rush Skatepark (2015) by Guy Millership

Rush skatepark opened its doors just over two years ago now and in doing so it became Si Coburn‘s local, a god send for the winter months and remaining a point of interest during the summer too, all be it a little less frequently.

Si doesn’t just skate the park, he also takes charge of the inline coaching and inline academies. Rush skatepark is doing its bit for blading and Si continues to do his bit too, the future of blading in that area is in safe hands!

Rush skatepark | Inline session (Uk)

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Rush skatepark Inline session

A new skatepark has just been built in Stroud and we got the chance to have the park to ourselves on the condition we make an edit to promote the skatepark. So here it is!

Definitely one of the best parks in the UK and only a half hour drive from my house so im fucking hyped! Gonna be dropping a shit load of edits from this place so make sure you watch this space in the near future! Shout out to Sam Davis, the rush team and everyone involved in the edit!Ned Espeut-Nickless.