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Roll’s Issue 9: Julian Bah, Video Interview

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

julian bah brian aragon

Here is the Julian Bah Interview for Rolls Magazine about “How to be a pro rider?”

Voici l’interview de Julian Bah pour Rolls Magazine sur “Comment devenir Pro?”.

Interview by Brian Aragon ; produced by Andy Wegener.

rolls magazine

Rolls Issue 9 is out. Visit

Rolls: Bordeaux (France) Taryf Edit

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Rolls Issue 9 is out today (Dec 18, 2010) in more than 3000 stores in France. The magazine will be distributed in press stores in Belgique, Switzerland and in Canada. Here is a promo video edit shot in Bordeaux by Fx / Taryf.

Rolls Issue 9 (France): Richie Eisler Cover

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

rolls mag
Photo by Dustin Werbeski.


– Agenda contest
– Reportage sur la “Powerhouse”
– Face: Wilson Ernadote
– Body art: Billy O’neill
– Ou pratiquer cet hiver ?!
– Philosophie: Julian Bah
– Le coin des pellos
– Project: history of roller
– Gallery
– Showroom: Spécial Skates
– Reportage sur “Bordeaux”
– Section: Alex Broskow
– Contests: Street Bowl Contest, AIL, Hoedown, Halloween Jam & Wrs Final

Availiable Dec 18th, 2010 |

Rolls Issue 8 (France): Cover + Content

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

rolls mag

Holidays are over… Many things have happened since the last issue. Let’s start with the cover page and Mr Taïg Khris’s famous mega jump! It’s a controversy because for purists it’s basically a joke, on the opposite of the average person, for who world’s best rollerblader has jumped from the Eiffel Tower. So, what to think ? We will be expecting your point of you on Roll’s forum!We have tried to get an interview with him but unfortunately it didn’t go any further…

Fini les vacances… Il s’en est passé des choses depuis le dernier numéro. Commençons par la page de couverture et le fameux méga jump de Monsieur Taïg Khris ! La polémique est lancée car pour les puristes c’est du simple foutage de gueule mais pour monsieur tout le monde, le champion du monde de roller a sauté de la tour Eiffel. Alors qu’en penser? Nous avons essayé d’interviewer le bonhomme qui malheureusement n’a pas donné suite…


News ; Body Art
Rencontre avec Sexion D’assaut
Valo, behind the man
Rollerblade Pro Team
Face : Diego Guilloud
Skates Test : Razors/ Xsjado / Nimh / Valo
Gallery Photos
Showroom “European Clothes”
Contests : Bling Bling / Fise / NL Contest / Sdsf
City Report : Montpellier
Tour : Nomades Shop
+ Poster

Dans les bacs le 12 octobre 2010!
Price : 3,90€

Rolls Issue 7: PDF Download (French + English)

Monday, September 13th, 2010


Download: Rolls_issue_07.pdf (11mb).
Right Click / Save as. Adobe Reader or equivalent needed.

Fise Montpellier 2010: Pellomag Pros + Rolls Rails

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Fise 2010 Pellomag Report: Roller Pro Finals

This is The Official Pellomag report of the Roller pro finals at Montpellier Fise 2010, featuring some of the best skaters in the world, but most of all part of the Pello Crew, showing their skills.

Be sure to come at Bulle Contest in Switzerland on July 16-17-18 , to see what real rollerblading is all about!

By the way, after watching the clips, I’ve decided that the podium was not right and that obviously CJ deserves the Win.

So here is the new ranking:

1. CJ Wellsmore
2. Jeff Stockwell
3. Dominik Wagner

Congrats to them !

Sorry for such a bad filming and editing work, but eH, what did you expect ? This is how we do !


Thanks La Guignr.

Rolls Rail Contest @ Fise 2010


Thanks Gauthier & Salim.

Rolls Issue 7 (France): Cover + Content

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Rolls Issue 7
Larger Picture.


– Winterclash + Gladiator Contest
– Winter Wonderland Tour
– Marc “Enanoh” Moreno Segura Interview
– Lyon, France Report
– Faces : Nicolas Auroux & Joe Atkinson
– Gallery

Official Webpage @ Rollsmag.

Rolls Issue 6: Cover (December 2009)

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

rolls issue 6

Availiable on December 2009 in France. Larger Picture on the forums.
Thanks Gauthier.

Rolls Issue 5: PDF Download

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

rolls magazine

Rolls Issue 5: PDF Download: rolls5.pdf (32 mb).

quoting a mail from Gauthier Legrix:

Bonjour. Cela fait londtemps que Roll’s n’a pas donné de news, on a en quelque sorte subit la crise et donc le magazine a dû chercher un nouveau collaborateur pour qu’il puisse continuer d’exister.

La société AB2H s’est vue humainement intéressée et c’est donc grâce à elle que Roll’s magazine va continuer à être publier et diffuser dans la presse en France & dans certains shops dans le monde. Version française et anglaise.

Le prochain numéro devrait sortir pour la troisième semaine de Novembre 2009, soit le numéro 6.

En attendant voici la version pdf du mag numéro 5 en exclu et la vidéo exclusive de la prise de vue de la couverture du mag n°4 exécuté par Mathias Silhan et immortalisé par Jean Christophe Baller: Video sous Youtube.

rolls magazine

Hi. It’s been a long time that Roll’s gave no news, it has somehow suffered of the crisis and therefore the magazine was forced to seek a new collaborator to continue to exist.

The company AB2H has been humanly concerned and it is thanks to it that Roll’s Magazine will continue to be published and disseminated in the press in France & some shops around the world (French and English version).

The next issue should be out for the third week of November 2009, that is the number 6.

Meanwhile, here’s the exclusive pdf version of mag number 5 and the exclusive video of the shooting of the cover of mag No. 4 performed by Mathias Silhan and immortalized by Jean Christophe Baller: Youtube Video.

rolls magazine

rolls magazine

Rolls mag: Conference European Tour, Photos

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Conference European Tour
up: Billy Fish O’neil – Makio. Photo: Adam Kola.

There will be a report of the Conference European Tour on the next issues of Rolls Mag ; here is a sneak peek, 4 photos by Adam Kola & Kenneth Dedeu.

Conference European Tour

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