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Rob Kellett x Brisbane (Australia, 2016)

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Between travels, I have been filming at home in Brisbane for the past few months. I was planning on filming for a year before releasing anything, however back in March I broke my wrist pretty badly (Sweatstance bail clip in video), which put the filming to a very abrupt holt, and I have been out of commission since.

Rob Kellett x Brisbane (Australia, 2016)

After a lot of thought, I decided to release the clips, and start fresh once I’m back blading. So here we are. Tried to do something a little different for this one with the music, editing, etc. Hope y’all dig it!Rob Kellett.

Filmed by James McErlain, Dave Russel, Paulie Haack, Zac Hutchings, Jamie Sims & Mitchel Macrea. Edited by Robert Kellett.

Ollie Czaja: VC China Edit (2015) by Rob Kellett

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

Velvet Couch | Welcome to the Family.

Ollie Czaja: VC China Edit (2015) by Rob Kellett

Spent 6 months living and working in a theme park in China. Filmed this section with my homie Rob Kellett over the course of 3 months between shows and days off, in the concrete jungle (and our home away from home) Tianjin, China. Hope y’all dig it!Ollie Czaja.

Music: Built for This – RZA, Method Man Ft. Freddie Gibbs (Dj ZEL Remix).
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Australian Rolling Open (ARO) 2015: Weekender Edit by Robert Kellett

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Australian Rollerblading Open 2015: Results

Trip down to Canberra for the 2015 ARO! Turned out to be quite an adventure, with some super sweet deals on return flights, free hotels (buffet breakfast included), and a third place in the Open Division (full results).

It was so good to see the aussie blading family again, and we left with so many good memories! Here’s just a couple of random clips we managed to get of some homies along the way.Robert Kellett


Australian Rolling Open: More Media.

Rob Kellett (Australia): Tianjin City (China, 2015)

Friday, October 9th, 2015

Spent the last few months blading, filming and hanging out in Tianjin City, China. Tianjin is indescribably amazing! The culture, the people and the city itself are all things that make this place one of the raddest cities I’ve ever visited!

Rob Kellett x China (2015)

Out in the streets on the hunt for spots every day we could, Paulie Haack, Oliver Czaja and myself managed to stack a bunch of clips from our time there. China is like something else when it comes to street spots, perfect ledges, dodgy chrome rails, random architecture, amazing views, and seemingly not a single security guard that doesn’t like rollerblading!

Skating starts at 1:40.

For this section I tried to do something a little different, didn’t want to use the typical “song for an edit”, so I hunted down some old school chinese funk and went with that! Hope y’all feel it!Rob Kellett. Filmed by Oliver Czaja, Paulie Haack, AJ Stine, Mitch Macrae & Rob Kellett. Edited by Robert Kellett.

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Robert Kellett (Remz Australia): 2013 Edit

Friday, November 15th, 2013

After 2 years of filming, falling and everything in between, I’m super happy to present my first ever profile!

Robert Kellett (Remz Australia): Edit

It’s been an amazing time filming for this, and searching for spots around Brisbane! I’d like to thank every person who got me juiced to do shit I didn’t want to, and every person who helped film! – Robert Kellett.

Filmed by James McErlain, Zac Hutchings, Jake Fyfe Bennett, Dave Russell, George Gray, Brad Cox & Jamie Sims.

Rob Kellet: Take 5 Interview

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

rob kellet

The kid from Brisbane in the gold helmet who took 2nd place in the Australian Rolling Open U16’s in 2009 and 2nd under U18’s in 2010, Rob Kellett took time out of his busy school schedule to answer some questions a new section i started called Take 5.

It’s a section to show off some of the talent of Australia and a chance for these guys to show everyone what they’ve got.

This was Robs first chance ever to skate for photos and he did pretty well. With his positive attitude and trying to make as much time to skate as he can, i realised we need more kids like Rob to bring Australian skating into the future.

Check the full Rob Kellet Interview on
Thanks Dale Travers.

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