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Remz: Weekend in Latvia | Iphone Blading (2015)

Friday, July 31st, 2015

remz weekend in latvia, iphone blading

Jo Zenk (Germany), Evert Lubja (Estonia), Tomek Przybylik (Poland) and Joey Egan (UK) managed to squeeze a few street sessions along with Nils Jansons during a weekend in Riga (Latvia) and get some footage on their phones. Nils says a lot of clips got lost, but hey.. still some pretty good stuff here for you from the #remedyzfam… Enjoy!

Alnis 2012 (Riga, Latvia): Edit by Martins Jansons

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Alnis 2012 (Riga, Latvia)


  1. Nils Jansons.
  2. Toms Slukins.
  3. Raimonds Prusis.

Best amateur: Andris Miltins.
Best trick: Niklavs Katlaps (360 soul on big box).
Craziest bail: Evert Lubja.