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Warren Digne: How to Fishbrain | Riding Zone (2015)

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

French language.

Warren Digne: How to Fishbrain | Riding Zone (2015)

Warren Digne did a tutorial video in partnership with Riding zone, a french tv broadcast part of France O , a public network.

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Romain Godenaire: Riding Zone, Profile (French Tv)

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Romain Godenaire: Riding Zone, Profile (French Tv)

Romain Godenaire was featured on Riding Zone, A french broadcast available on France O, Reseau Outre Mer & TV5 Monde channels. Video by Puzzle Media & Fise.

Rough Translation
Sponsored by Banette.

I’m Romain Godenaire, 24 years old. I live near Paris and i’m a pro blader. Blading for 15-16 years and 12 years of competition.

10 times french champion, european champion & got a World Record (Highest 720 Spin On Inline Skates). In 2010, i was ranked 5th World best blader (WRS?).

I entered 93 competitions, was on 83 podiums and won 41 of those comps.

— Presenting what blading is —.

I never had roll models. If i wanted to do something, it would only be related to me. People encouraged me, but it never was people from the blading scene. Friends & acquaintances told me i was gifted, you should never give up. So i keep on practicing, becoming who i am now.

My favourite skatepark is Rampworx (Liverpool). The park is very complete, modules are perfect.

Blading allowed me to travel. If i wasn’t blading i would get there anyway because i really wanted to go there (?). My best memory is Las Vegas, World Finals. LV is magic: hotels, casinos & beautiful girls, the atmosphere is amazing.

We have the same numbers of riders those days ; the new generation learns really fast, it’s impressive. It’s great, i hope they will make blading evolve when we won’t be there anymore.

Advice: do what you want, reach your goal & wear protections. Protections sucks but are important.

Feel free to contribute/correct this rough translations.

Riding Zone – Bling Bling Contest 2 (French Tv)

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Riding Zone - Bling Bling Contest 2

Check this french broadcast ‘Riding Zone‘ featuring a report of the Bling Bling Contest 2008.

Thanks Streettours.

Riding Zone (France) : Cyril Daniel Interview

Monday, February 4th, 2008

cyril daniel

Riding Zone is a french broadcast, they did a reportage on Cyril Daniel. Shady was kind enough to rip the video (french topic). Enjoy!