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Woodward West (Jan 2016) with John Bolino, Chris Dafick, Billy Oneil, Richie and jojo Velazquez

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

Woodward West (Jan 2016) with John Bolino, Chris Dafick, Billy Oneil, Richie and jojo Velazquez

Catching Up 11 at Woodward West with Takeshi Yasutoko, Miguel Ramos, Jon Julio, Richie Velasquez

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

Catching Up 11 at Woodward West with Takeshi Yasutoko, Miguel Ramos, Jon Julio, Richie Velasquez

Catching Up 11 at Woodward West with Takeshi Yasutoko, Miguel Ramos, Jon Julio, Richie Velasquez, Jason Reyna (The Queen), Matt Mickey and Frank. Filmed by The Queen, Jon Julio, Miguel Ramos and Matt Mickey.

Music: Sixto Rodriguez – I Wonder & Inner City Blues.
Catching Up with Jon Julio: More Episodes (2009+).

Richie Velasquez: Raw Clips by Daniel Scarano

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Richie Velasquez: Raw Clips by Daniel Scarano

I was watching the B-Roll from Words when I realized how much I loved watching raw clips. So I’m going to be uploading a bunch of raw clips from the years past.Daniel Scarano.

Team Rollerblade at Barn Burner 08, Jeff Dalnas Edit

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Rollerblade team at the Barn Burner 2008 Contest

I just got a mail from Jeff Dalnas:

I just finished the Rollerblade edit from Barn Burner.

We dedicated it to Josh Waggoner after his horrible accident that took place last week. As you know Tom Hyser is manager of the team and was close friends to Josh.

Julian Bah, David & Tom didn’t make it out to seattle for the comp. So it’s only Richie Velasquez, Rob G, and myself in this edit.

Jeff Dalnas, Richie Velasquez and Rob Guerrero warming up for 2008’s Barn Burner. Check the Barn Burner results / more media.

Savor the flavour : Final Trailer + Jeff Dalnas, Richie Velasquez thoughts

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

Remember the Savor The Flavor Teaser posted some months ago ?

Think rollerblading is gay? Well think again! This unique video takes a look at the common misconceptions of one of the most hated sports on the planet and puts them to shame.

Through the comedic eyes of six rollerbladers, you will begin to see not only why rollerblading is one of the most amazing sports out there, but why it is the future of action sports itself.

With some of the most professional video production and design to date, this NS-Crew Production takes you on a journey that will open your eyes to what’s really going on behind today’s never ending plaque of pop culture.

Here is more! Savor the flavour, Final Trailer:

Jeff Dalnas, Richie Velasquez thoughts:

More: &

savor the flavor
Thanks Ryanbenner : Richie Velasquez Interview

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

the father life : richie velasquez interview

By: Ben Murphy / Image By: Cody Lester / February 11, 2008

Can you make a career out of rolling (translation: inline skating)? Yes, and you might even find time for a family too. Our own extreme sports enthusiast (and closet participant!) Ben Murphy managed to track down “New York City’s Secret Weapon,” inline stunt skater Richie Velasquez to find out just how he manages to keep it all together.

Ben Murphy: Tell us about yourself…

Richie Velasquez: I currently reside in Tehachapi, California, although I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I am 32 years young and I feel like I am still 18, except for the longer periods of pain associated with what I do. I am a three-time world champion for inline stunt skating and a professional rider for Rollerblade, 50/50, Rollerwarehouse, Rockstar Bearings, and Woodward West. I have been skating for 16 years and look forward to many more.

I have an amazing wife (Pamela Velasquez) who is incredibly supportive with my career and the industry of inline skating. I have 3 kids: a 7 year boy (Johanny) who is well on his way to becoming not only a world champion, but also a comedian/rockstar, and two beautiful identical twin daughters (India and Jaydan). My kids and wife are my life and are what keep me striving to do the best I can in all I do.

BM: Rolling, eh? Most folks are only vaguely acquainted with this growing action sport. Tell us about it.

RV: Inline stunt skating has been around for close to 20 years. I guess I would compare our sport to that of the X-games style of biking or skateboarding. The only difference is that we use our inline skates to perform the tricks you see at these events. Our discipline also revolves around the street style of skating where we utilize obstacles on the streets to perform these stunts. […]

Read the full interview on
Thanks Pamela

the father life : richie velasquez interview

the father life : richie velasquez interview

Richie Velasquez : Woodward West / RB Point 8 Edit

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Up : Photo by Sven / Richie & Johanny Velasquez

Clips of Richie Velasquez at Woodward West, skating the Rollerblade Point 8 Skates.
Thanks Jeff Dalnas

Richie Velasquez, Sven Boekhorst Photos and Video

Monday, March 27th, 2006

Richie Velasquez
^ Richie Velasquez – Fishbrain Stall – Photo : Jess D

Download an edit of Sven Boekhorst :
voorjaar2005.wmv | 6 mb

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Team Rollerblade Series, POW and Video Edit

Also don’t Miss that photo :
Richie Velasquez pudsliding a rail, 30 Stairs long :