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Storm Origins, Concrete Circus Freerun Film Starring Mathieu Ledoux

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Mathieu Ledoux

Storm Origins, a 4.5 minutes short film made for the Channel 4 Documentary Concrete Circus. Includes outtakes & bail clips at the end!

Starring Mathieu Ledoux, Paul ‘Blue’ Joseph & Phil Doyle. Directed by Claudiu Voicu.

Photos: Songs: Chemical Brothers (Hanna OST) – Escape 700 & Container Park ; TI – Big Shit Poppin.

More: Behind the Scenes, Full Episodes (might not be available in your area). Visit |

Mathieu Ledoux: Blading + Parkour Interview

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Mathieu Ledoux

Mathieu Ledoux came to London for Mike Christie’s Concrete Circus project.

Here is his Interview for the Parcours “Residencia em Movimento” project. Link

Bonus: 90s with Mathieu Ledoux by Jon Jenkins (Revolution)

Mathieu Ledoux is unreal. We have never seen a more naturally gifted individual. Mathieu’s body control allows him to skate in a way that rollerblading has never seen before.

We wanted to portray Mathieu’s skating the best way possible with a Revolution 90 Seconds Edit. His positivity is contagious, you can’t help but want to better yourself after being around him.

Mathieu is humble, he expects nothing from rollerblading. He only wishes to inspire others to go their own direction with their skating after watching his.

Mathieu Ledoux: 90 Second Interview & Profile.

Stephane Julien: Old Demo Reel, Blading & Parkour

Monday, May 16th, 2011

stephane julien

Bonus: Stephane Julien, Parkour Demo Reel

Allan Beaulieu: 2010 Inline & Parkour Edit + Article

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Allan Beaulieu

In his Blackberry Chronicles, Rob Guerrero mentionned a quote by Jim Jarmusch that states: « Nothing is original. Steal from everywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuel your imagination ».

While many try their hardest to remain pure and keep their skating “fresh”, Allan Beaulieu has listened to this wise advice and taken his own skills to a whole new level. […]

Check the full Article on Frenchy Fries.

Parkour Photo Set by Bombdog

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

parkour photo

Check this nice Parkour photo set by Bombdog. Link (via GC)

parkour photo

parkour photo

Parkour : Video Edit

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

David Belle
up : David Belle, Founder of Parkour

Architecture Acrobatics : not so far from rollerblading here is a Parkour video edit. I know that a lot of blader are practicing Parkour ; a special thought to Neou Men.

About :

The Parkour is a physical discipline of French origin (founded by David Belle) in which the participant – called a traceur – attempts to pass obstacles in the fastest and most direct manner possible, using skills such as jumping, vaulting and climbing, or the more specific parkour moves. The obstacles can be anything in the environment, so parkour is often practiced in urban areas because of many suitable public structures, such as buildings, rails, and walls.

Parkour is a physical discipline inspired by human movement. It focuses on uninterrupted, efficient forward motion over, under, around and through obstacles (both man-made and natural) in one’s environment. Such movement may come in the form of running, jumping, climbing and more complex techniques. The goal of parkour is to adapt one’s movement to any given obstacle.