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Scott Quinn: Shadow Market Paper Toy

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Shadow Market released another paper toy, here is Scott Quinn.

Scott Quinn: Shadow Market Paper Toy

Download the Scott Quinn pattern and make your own Quinny.
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Richie Eisler: Shadow Market Paper Toy

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Following the Alex Broskow paper toy (post), Shadow Market released his second paper toy, this time starring Richie Eisler.

Richier Eisler: Theshadowmarket Paper Toy

Download the Richie Eisler Pattern and make your own Richie Eisler.
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Alex Broskow Paper Toy

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Jon Julio posted a paper toy of Alex Broskow (by Ross). Download this picture, print it, cut and glue it. Voila! You got your own mini Broskow.

Alex Broskow Papertoy

Jnbab posted his Alex Broskow papertoy on Instagram:

Alex Broskow Paper Toy

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DIY Paper Skates

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

Diy paper skates

You want some fingerskates, but you were unable to get some ? Here is a cheap alternative : build your own paper skates and a module to test your finger rolling skills !

Those paper models were featured in the Pello Section of the Crazy Roller Mag (rip), and Pellomag decided to put them online for more fun ! Thanks Sylvain.

Diy paper skates

Instructions, build your own skates :

– Download the pdf here (online mirror), unzip it and open it (acrobat reader needed).

– Print the 2 pages on a resistant paper, or print it on a regular sheet and paste it later on a harder one.

Well the next steps are pretty simple, cut the edges of the papermodels, bend the dotted lines and glue them. Have fun!

Diy paper skates : woodward module
up : woodward module

Youtube: Kobesarmy & Kriksis999 posted videos that may help you in the making of the paper skates.