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Wheel Deal 2016 (Oslo, Norway): Hanglosers Edit

Monday, October 17th, 2016

Wheel Deal 2016 (Oslo, Norway): Hanglosers Edit

Filmed by Vincent Lindgren, edited by Anders Bergen.

Senior Results

  1. Olav Norheim
  2. Julius Josefsen
  3. Fredrik Kofoed


  1. Martin Danning
  2. Jakob Tessand
  3. Adrian Sterri
  4. Herman Nordahl

Best Trick: Boas Utvik.

Hanglosers: The Wheel Deal (Oslo, 2015)

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Filmed & edited by Vincent Lindgren.

Hanglosers: The Wheel Deal (Oslo, 2015)

The Wheel Deal took place in Oslo between the 8th – 12th of July and the Hang Losers was there to take part in the action. 5 days of street sessions, downhill bombing, camping and barbecues ended up with the Norwegian Open Championships in bowl and street park at the Jordal Skate Park.

Featuring Axel Bihagen, Worapoj Boonnim, Josh Glowicki, Lilian Puisset, Scott Quinn, David Sizemore, Joakim Lundberg, Richie Eisler, Ralf Monnerup, Nicklas Persson, Julius Josefsen, Johan Svensson, Zebastian Cassel, Michael Pedersen, Gabriel Gok and Victor Karlsson.

Full Results | Visit

Martin Danning (13, Norway): 2014 Edit

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Martin Danning (13, Norway): 2014 Edit

Filmed in Eskilstuna (Sweden) and Oslo (Norway) by Alex pedersen. Additional filming by Henrik Valby, Bror Mygland and Axel Bihagen.

Previously: Young Blood: Martin Danning (13), Thisissoul Edit.

Young Blood: Martin Danning (13), Thisissoul Edit

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Young Blood: Martin Danning (13), Thisissoul Edit

Martin Danning from Oslo, Norway is one of those kids that you see skate and immediately know that he is one to watch. Steadily working on his skill and winning competitions in Scandinavia, we are proud to have him on the Thisissoul team!

Camera: Alex Francisco & Kent Gulbrandse. Editing: Alex Francisco | 2012 Clips | Photo.

SRSC Oslo 2013: Edit + Results

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Filmed by Jonas Bodtker, Nils Skogstrom and Patric Stahl.

SRSC Oslo 2013

Song: I break horses – Wired. Photos:

Senior Results

  1. Joachim Wall, Jonas Bodtker.
  2. Olav Norheim.
  3. Hakan Axelsson.

Junior: Martin Danning.

Oslo (Norway): Spring 2013 by Jonas Bodtker

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Song: Chrome Sparks – Marijuana. Visit

Olav Norheim: Haitian Magazine 2012 Edit

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Olav Norheim: HM 2012 Edit

Entry for the Haitian Magazine, edit contest. Filmed in Oslo (Norway) and Nice (France) by Jonas Bodtker & Alex Pedersen.

Previously: Olav Norheim, 2011 Edit by Jonas Bodtker.

RSC Oslo + Aalborg 2010: Results, Videos, Photos

Sunday, July 4th, 2010


RSC Oslo 2010

Swedish Joachim Wall took this year’s real street competition (RSC) title in Oslo, Norway. 2nd and 3rd place was also conquered by Swedish skaters.

RSC Oslo 2010 Results

1. Joachim Wall (SWE)
2. John Lunngren (SWE)
3. Gabriel Gok (SWE)

Full Results on Toxboe |

RSC Aalborg 2010

Ronni Skovmand from filmed and edited this video edit from last week’s Aalborg real street competition.

The edit features Martin Gade, Christian Berg, Rasmus Madsen, Kare Lindberg, Henrik Jensen, Anders Rishøj, Daniel Nielsen, and David Grant (via).


RSC Aalborg 2010 Results

1. Martin Gade
2. Daniel Jensen
3. Henrik Jensen

Full Results + Pictures of the RSC Aalborg 2010 Contest on RAD.

SRSC Oslo 2006: Report

Saturday, July 8th, 2006

skating in Oslo

Looking up at the sky, one thought came to my mind that morning: “Perfect!”
For the first time in 5 years, we were graced with pure, undisturbed sunlight on the day of the SRSC stop in Oslo. The stage was set and the juicemeters pumped for yet another insane contest.

People from all over Denmark, Sweden and Norway were there to rip apart 3 different skateable locations in the city of Oslo. People were meeting up at one of the latest additions to Oslo’s spots. Right next to the parliament there’s a number of flowerbeds surrounding a fountain. Yes, you guessed it; curbs all over! […]

Check the Report + Photos on Toxboe. Another huge photo gallery of the Real Street Contest Oslo 2006 is availiable here

Real Street Contest Oslo 2006 : Photo Gallery

Saturday, July 1st, 2006

Real Street Contest Oslo 2006

Rollingmag got a huge photo set (77 photos) of the Real Street Contest that took place in Oslo in 2006. Photos by Nils Skogstrom and Vincent Lindgren.

Watch the Real Street Contest Oslo 2006 Photo Gallery

Real Street Contest Oslo 2006

Real Street Contest Oslo 2006