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NL Contest 2009: Bodchoy Edit on FFries

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

There are some contests you know you just have to attend. You hear about them, year after year, watch the footage online, and the people you meet keep on telling you how much fun they had last time they went.

After missing the first four editions of the NL contest in Strasbourg, this year I know I have no choice but to be there to attend the event.

Check the Full Article on Frenchy Fries.

nouvelle ligne contest

nouvelle ligne contest

The Nouvelle Ligne Contest 2010 will take place this weekend in Strasbourg (France). More infos on the website of Nouvelle Ligne.

A Grindhouse View on the Nouvelle Ligne Contest 4 (2009)

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Edited by Daniel Prell.

Nouvelle Ligne

Check the Video in HD Streaming.
Thanks Salim.

Nouvelle Ligne Contest 4 (2009): Session Report (fr)

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

nouvelle ligne contest
up: Julien Lafarge.

Check the Nouvelle Ligne Contest 4: Session Report (french language, nice photos), more photos availiable here.

Le NL Contest, tu peux pas test!

Apres avoir checke notre hotel 3 etoiles, nous partons enfin.

Vingt minutes de marche plus tard, (a ce moment de l’histoire, nous ne savions pas encore que le tramway aurait pu nous y amener… en 3 minutes) nous arrivons au skatepark de la Rotonde.

Ca sent la saucisse a plein nez, ca fourmille dans tous les coins et le DJ est aux platines. On est au top de l’action, quoi! […]

Consultez le Report du Nouvelle Ligne Contest 4 par Session. Plus de photos dispos ici. Pour ceux qui ont loupe le coche niveau infos sur ce contest, ca se passe ici.

nouvelle ligne contest
up: Stephane Alfano.

nouvelle ligne contest
up: Jake, Kato, Mathias Silhan, Thomas Lieurey.

Nouvelle Ligne Contest 2009: Pictures & 2 Edits

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

nouvelle ligne contest

Two Edit of the NL Contest 2009:

Check a photo gallery of the NL Contest 4 on Tillate.
Thanks Julien L.

nouvelle ligne contest

nouvelle ligne contest
nouvelle ligne contest

NL Contest 4 (2009): Results, Video & Pictures

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

nouvelle ligne contest

Download the Full Results: NL_Contest_4_results.pdf

Street PRO

  1. Stephane Alfano
  2. Julien Cudot
  3. Mathieu Heinemann
  4. Nicolas Schopfer
  5. Roman Abrate
  6. Nick Lomax
  7. Stephane de Freitas
  8. Anthony Avella
  9. Jon Matter
  10. Stephane Luchie

(Resultats des qualifs, finale annulee en raison de la pluie) – Those are the results of the prelims, there was no finals due to the rain.

Street AM

  1. Boucau Clement
  2. Milot Clement
  3. Ziz

(Resultats des qualifs, finale annulee en raison de la pluie) – Those are the results of the prelims, there was no finals due to the rain.


  1. Anthony Avella
  2. Kevin Quintin
  3. Roman Abrate

DNA Video Edit: Featuring Mathias Silhan (french language).
(Dernieres Nouvelles d’Alsace – Latest News of Alsace)

nouvelle ligne contest

Check some photos of the NL4 Vert Contest here.

NL Contest 2009: TF1 & StrasTV Videos

Monday, May 18th, 2009

The Nouvelle Ligne (NL) Contest 2009, 4th edition, took place this weekend in Strasbourg France.

nouvelle ligne contest

TF1, the biggest french private Tv Channel broadcasted a nice preview of what this weekend looked like!

Check the TF1 Video.

nouvelle ligne contest

Check the StrasTv (Strasbourg TV Channel) video of the 1st day.
Thanks Salim / NL.