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Nouvelle Ligne, NL #1 Contest (2006) : Edit by Chico

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

nouvelle ligne association

Edit of the Nouvelle Ligne, NL #1 Contest. Filmed and edited by Chico.

Featuring skating from Tobias Wollman, Jon Matter, Beat Schillmeier, Daniel Prell, Stephane Dejean, Stephane Alfano, Bruno Loewe, Roman Abrate, Etienne Montet, Mathias Silhan, Lamine Fathi, Warren Digne, Aktarus, Ramoutcho, Guillaume Latchimy, Kevin Quintin, Patrick Zimmermann and more !

Two animated gifs from the video :
Mathias Silhan : Fakie 720 Ts Mizou in the vert
Roman Abrate : Quarter to rail Disaster

Download : (zipped wmv, 55mb)

stephane alphano
up : Stephane Alfano, skating at the Nouvelle Ligne NL #1 Contest | enlarge

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Nouvelle Ligne, NL #1 Contest Photos by David Durrenberger
Nouvelle Ligne Contest #1 Strasbourg : Edit
Nouvelle Ligne Contest 2006 : Huge Photo Set

Full Results of the contest :


1. Patrick Zimmermann
2. Lamine Fathi
3. Aktarus
4. Kevin Quentin
5. Stouf

Street Pros :

1. Bruno Lowe
2. Roman Abrate
3. Stephane Alfano
4. Das

Street Amateurs :

1. Jon Matter
2. Tobias Wollman
3. Guillaume Latchimy aka Ouistiti

Nouvelle Ligne Contest 2006 : Huge Photo Set

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

Warren Digne - Roman Abrate
^ Warren Digne / Roman Abrate

^ Ramoutcho : “are you ready to rock ?” got a huge photo set (210 shots) of the NL Contest 2006 that took place in Strasbourg last May !

Check the Photo Set. All photos by Fred (Blob)

jerome baresi & Basile
^ Jerome Barresi / Basile Wendling

Thanks Damien !

Nouvelle Ligne Contest #1 (2006): Photo Gallery

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Nouvelle Ligne Contest #1

Photo Gallery by David Durrenberger :

Main Gallery (28 photos)
Bonus Section : Hugo de Souza

Wait for the Galleries to load (4mb for the main, and 2mb for the second one)

You can find all the media for the Nouvelle Ligne Contest #1 here (Photos, Videos, Reports).

Nouvelle Ligne is organising a serie of Jam Sessions this summer in Strasbourg (first date : 3rd of June) : Roller, Graffiti, Break Dance, Concerts, Basket Ball and Barbecue !

Nouvelle Ligne Contest #1 Strasbourg (2006): Edit

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Nouvelle ligne contest
^ Etienne Montet

Edit by Dam. Featuring Etienne Montet, Rachard Johnson, Bruno Loewe, Hugo de Souza, Warren Digne, Roman Abrate, Laurent Calame, Jon Matter, Mathias Silhan, Stephane Alfano, Kevin Quentin and more !

Nouvelle ligne contest
^ Hugo de Souza

Nouvelle Ligne Contest #1 (2006)

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

Nouvelle Ligne Contest #1 : Mathias Silhan
Nouvelle Ligne Contest #1 le 6 et 7 mai 2006
a droite : Mathias Silhan, Skatepark de Strasbourg, Photo : David Durrenberger.

Tous les details sur le contest dans ce topic en francais. N’oubliez pas de visiter le site de Nouvelle Ligne, possibilite de s’inscrire pour le contest en ligne !

Le NL #1 Contest sera suivi du Out’in Stras 2006 (toujours a Strasbourg, RDV le 8 mai a 13h au musée d’art moderne).

A noter la presence de la team Conference les 7 et 8 mai (participation au contest NL #1 et l’Out’in Stras). Plus de details sur le tour Conference.

Vous en voulez encore plus ? Voila une video annonce pour le NL Contest avec Mathias Silhan, Jon Matter (dit Apache), les freres Mougin, Stephane, et plein de soldats inconnus au bataillon.

Nouvelle Ligne Contest #1 : 6th et 7th of May 2006
on the right : Mathias Silhan, Strasbourg Skatepark, Photo : David Durrenberger.

Huge Skatepark Contest in Strasbourg the 6th and 7th of May followed by the Out’in Stras 2006 (Meeting Point : Musee d’Art Moderne at 1 PM) with the Conference Team (Conference Tour). Check for more informations and online registration to the contest.

Plus we got a video trailer for the Skatepark Contest, featuring Mathias Silhan, Jon Matter (Apache), Mougin Brothers, Stephane, and a lot more of unknown soldiers !