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A day at Venice (2015) by Ulysse Prom

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

With Dre Powell, Chris Calkins & Michelle Steilen.

A day at Venice (2015) by Ulysse Prom

Music: R.I.C.O. (XVII Remix).

Michelle Steilen: Bones Bearings, Quad Edit

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Bones Bearings the skateboard brand featured Michelle Steilen on their Youtube channel (485k views at the moment).

Michelle Steilen: Bones Bearings, Quad Edit

Michelle Steilen, also known in the roller derby world as Estro Jen is the owner of Moxi Roller Skates and Moxi Shop.

She is a star in the Long Beach roller derby scene and she does a lot to push and promote anything and everything roller skating related.

Since we make Rollerbones, our roller derby company, and all the roller derby ladies skate Bones Bearings, we wanted to do something to show support to all the derby ladies who support us.

We came up with an idea to do something a little be different and decided to film some stuff at some famous skateboard spots in Los Angeles. We really had no idea how this would turn out. Hope you all enjoy this. – Bones Bearings.

Photos: 01, 02.