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Winter Olympics 2014: Rotterdam Edit by Mark Heuss

Friday, March 14th, 2014

February 2014. 3 days of street skating in Rotterdam as a warm up for the USD & Xsjado Winter Olympics Tour.

Winter Olympics 2014: Rotterdam Edit by Mark Heuss

Featuring Chris Farmer, Montre Livingston, Richie Eisler, Nick Lomax, Eugen Enin & Randy Zoller. Additional filming: Nick Lomax, Chris Farmer, Richie Eisler & Eugen Enin.

Winter Olympics Tour 2014: More Media.

Winter Olympics Tour 2014: Edit by Mark Heuss

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Winter Olympics Tour, park sessions at Rotterdam Skateland & Truespin Skatepark.

Winter Olympics Tour 2014: Edit by Mark Heuss

Blading by Richie Eisler, Nick Lomax, Eugen Enin, Montre Livingston & Adrien Anne. Filmed and edited by Mark Heuss.

Winter Olympics Tour 2014: More Media.

Eugen Enin (Germany): Carbon Edit by Mark Heuss

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Eugen Enin (Germany): Carbon Edit by Mark Heuss

Germany’s finest Eugen Enin breaking in his brand new Carbons with a little switch game. Edit by Mark Heuss.

Mathias von Gostomski: Euromaxx clipmania 100, Entry by Mark Heuss

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Mark Heuss entered the Euromaxx clipmania 100 Contest. 100 featured videos and one rollerblading entry.

Euromaxx clipmania 100

You can vote for it by sending a mail to containing the “clipmania 100″ keywords and the number of the entry which is 53. By Voting, you also enter a Leica camera giveaway. Not sure the giveaway is effective outside of Germany but votes are still appreciated.

Video offline.

Clip 53: Acrobat Skater Mathias von Gostomski. Mark Heuss shot this video of Mathias von Gostomski performing his skating stunts in the urban obstacle courses of Berlin, Munich and the Ruhr, in his home country Germany and abroad in Barcelona and California.

Jordi Mestre: 2012 B-Roll and Fails by Mark Heuss

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Jordi Mestre: 2012 B-Roll and Fails by Mark Heuss

Some funny fails and B-Roll from 2012, mainly filming for the Xsjado Flow Edit by Mark Heuss.

Photo: Rollerspain.

Jordi Mestre (Xsjado Flow): 2012 Edit by Mark Heuss

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Filmed in Mallorca & Barcelona (Spain) by Antoni Salom, Steven Kielhorn, Carles Moll, Alberto Campo, Carlos Baillargeon, Guille Fernandez, Mark Heuss & Mr. Tripod.

Lucas Landthaler | 2.0 Clips by Mark Heuss

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Lucas Landthaler

Chris Hack: USD 2011 Edit by Mark Heuss

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Chris Hack: USD 2011 Edit by Mark Heuss

Filmed by Jens Kufner, Mark Heuss, Simon Jung, Michael Weinlein and Michael Herber.

Song: Aim – let the funk ride.

Chris Hack: 2011 Park Session by Mark Heuss

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Filmed by Mark Heuss & Jens Kufner. Edited by Mark Heuss.

KIZER 2011: BCN Edit by Mark Heuss + Powerblading Frames

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Featuring Richie Eisler, Dustin Werbeski and Worapoj Boonnim “Note” as they cruise through Barcelona on a collection of Kizer’s new frames including the brand new Powerblading collection.

Kizer has been at the forefront of frame technology since its very first aftermarket UFS frames back in 1999. Through the years it has never ceased to innovate and create brand new concepts not only in frames but also in hardware. In 2011 Kizer takes a giant leap in innovation once more.

We find that the current state of frame technology is far from ideal. Skaters buy a frame which is “ok” for most types of skating and modify it to get as close to what they want as they can. At Kizer we felt it was our duty to do something about this situation. We decided to make the perfect frames exclusively for Freestyle skating, Anti-Rocker skating and for Flat setups.

In effect, The Kizer 2011 project can be defined as us taking all the best elements of our previous years’ collections and perfecting each frame for a specific style of skating – but that is not all;

Kizer has taken the biggest step in innovation to happen in years in our sport. Fully supporting the new evolution of inline it has created 2 brand new Powerblading frame models, therefore becoming the first frame company to offer enhanced Freeskate/Urban frames designed to withstand the Power of an aggressive skater, one of the most exciting evolutions of the sport in recent years.

We are proud to present our brand new and entirely modified frame collection for 2011.

Kizer – Everyone’s Framed.

Powerblading Frames: Arrow PB

Combining a strong, lightweight aluminium frame with a fluid plastic grindwall allows for the fastest ride ever to be combined with grinding.

Speed has always been limited on aggressive setups until now. Finally skaters can triple their speed and flow while still being able to grind. Powerblading opens up new terrains and possibilities for the aggressive skater. Max Wheel size 80mm ; UFS, UFS – One size.

KIZER Powerblading frames

PB Advance

The Kizer Advance is the Powerblading Fluid. Simplicity and speed is the key to this frame. The worlds strongest Freeskate frame made from Kizer Fluid material it is designed to take aggressive skating into the future.

Shorter than current fitness and freeskate frames the Kizer Advance allows for incredible control and maneuverability. Max Wheel size 80mm ; UFS, One size.

KIZER Powerblading frames


Eugen Enin, Daniel Gourski & Mark Heuss: trip to Powerhouse Barcelona

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Eugen Enin, Daniel Gourski & Mark Heuss trip to Powerhouse Barcelona

Xsjado’s Daniel Gourski, USD’s Eugen Enin and video star Mark Heuss joined the Powerhouse crew for a few days. Edited by Daniel Gourski (via).

TWO: Winterclash 2011 Portraits by Mark Heuss

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

blading portraits

quoting Mark Heuss:

This is a sequel to my little portrait video from 2008.

All of these faces have been filmed at Winterclash in february 2011. These times, it was a less personal and more or less wider approach on who to film.

Some friends, some strangers, some blading stars (welcome to the King of Kong), some of my teenage heroes and some others.

Starring (in order of appearance): Dominik Wagner, Eric Bailey, Miguel Martinez, Claudio Bohli, Ben Harmanus, Tom Hyser, Julian Bah, Jacob Juul, Dominic Sagona, Toto Gali, Rob Guerrero, Camill von und zu Egloffstein, Matteo Attanasio, Jon Julio, Adam Kola, Jochen Smuda, Gabriel Hyden, Jorn Schlappa, Ivan Narez, Alex Schneider, Richie Eisler, Sid Hussmann, Gagi Wagenblast, Dirk Oelmann, Brian Shima, Philipp Preuss, Felix Strosetzki, Andy Kruse, Patrick Ridder, Johannes Jacobi.

Tech Talk: Shot with canon 7D and the sigma 35mm 1,4F in Full HD 30p, slowed down to 24. Impressive skills, i know.


Mark Heuss: 2010 Edit

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Mark Heuss

I went skating, sweated, got injured, had fun. This is pure me 2010.

Filmed by my friends, most of the time Alex Rudolf. Music by an unknown underground band no one ever heard of: die kafer – es ist alles zu viel. Skating in Nuremberg, Bayreuth, Mainz and Barcelona.


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