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Troy Maimone: DOWN, Edit by Jordan Smith

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Troy Maimone: DOWN, Edit by Jordan Smith

Texas Skate Series (2013): Corpus Christi, Edit

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Filmed January 19.


  1. Ian Freunscht
  2. Dylan Cobb
  3. Chris Fleener

Best Trick: Logan “Dench” Harlan.

Next competition will be in San Antonio on March 30. Visit

Troy Maimone: 2012 Edit by Jordan Smith

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Troy Maimone has been holding it down and myself and the other Texas guys pulled our clips together to put this together.Jordan Smith.

Troy Maimone


Rolling With The World by Jordan Smith

Monday, August 20th, 2012

A series about the lifestyles, cultures, and people behind rollerblading.

Help Funding Rolling With The World on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a fund raising platform that allows creative individuals to bring their ideas to life and give back to those who help make it possible.

We have until our deadline to raise our goal of $12,000. If we are successful then our backers receive their rewards and Rolling With The World becomes a reality.

If we don’t reach our goal by the deadline no one is charged, nor do they receive their rewards.

Rolling With The World, Feat. Brian Freeman: Original Content Promo by Jordan Smith

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Rolling With The World, Feat. Brian Freeman: Original Content Promo by Jordan Smith

This is a short trailer proposal for what could be an action sports television show about rollerbladers and the culture surrounding their sport.

It was originally produced for a studio here in Texas that planned on selling the show, but since they don’t know exactly what to do with it here it is for you.

Rolling With the World follows Brian Freeman around the world to meet peoples of all cultures through the ties and bonds of rollerblading. Additional Footage: Pat Leal & stock footage.

Visit Contact:
Songs: B.I.G. E.G.O.- Wise Blood ; clouded – Odd Nosdam.

Dylan Voisard: Texas Curse Section by Jordan Smith

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Dylan Voisard

Dylan is a steez. Somebody once lost ten dollars when he bet that Dylan was Billy Oneil.

Dylan needs new skates. Somebody once won ten dollars when he bet that Dylan wasn’t Billy Oneil.

Dylan is my homie. Dylan edited this himself.

Previously: Texas Curse: Trailer by Jordan Smith.

Texas Curse: Trailer by Jordan Smith

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

quoting Jordan Smith:

It is June 24, 2009 and I am uploading the trailer for my video called TEXAS CURSE.

The name comes from my friend Jason Reyna. One day while we were out skating, when this project first began, he explained why my video was doomed.

He reminded me that all the videos in Texas take forever, or don’t get finished, or the producer quits rollerblading. This is something he likes to call the Texas Curse.

Texas Curse

I figured this couldn’t happen to me because I had plenty of motivation. At the time we had a few different ideas for what to call the video but one and a half years later, with two years worth of footage, we decided Texas Curse made sense.

For whatever reason God decided to slow down the making of this video. For starters, everyone in the video lived scattered across the DFW metroplex and at the time gas prices were up to four dollars.

Brady Johnston was actually going to have a section in this video until we realized it just wasn’t going to happen. He lived too far away, and when we started he had a hand injury.

Between his job and my schoolwork we never got too much filming done. Richard Jones lived an hour away depending on which city I was living in and he could only skate on Saturday and Sunday. To make things worse when we started filming I watched him get taken away to Denton County Jail over some dumb traffic tickets.

Keaton Newsom filmed plenty until he went to jail and had his license taken away. Then he sort-of fell off the map for a while. Dylan Voisard was getting some cllips done but after a series of injuries and aggravating sessions he decided to quit skating for a while to re-evaluate how much he likes rollerblading. I ended up going to jail over some not so serious vandalism. The stress of going to jail put the video on the side for a while.

There were too many things that got in the way of this video. During winter I almost gave up on the video, then when Spring came and I looked through my footage I thought I was almost done so we kept the video going.

Finally when the camera got lost in Austin I decided it was time to wrap it up. I realized Jason was right and it was time to start editing. So here is the trailer. I hope you like it.

Check the video in HD Streaming.
Thanks Ztriggs.