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Jeremy Townsend: Mctwist Transfer @ Winterclash 2017 | Clip by Ivan Higgans

Friday, February 24th, 2017

I reached deep into my back pocket of tricks, way back to 2001 for this lil’ stunt. Thank you Ivan Higgans for sending it over.Jeremy Townsend.

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Jeremy Townsend: The Thank You Edit (2014)

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

20 years skating and support from so many. Thank you!

Jeremy Townsend: The Thank You Edit (2014)

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Red Bull Crashed Ice (2014): Wildcard Online Qualifier

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Red Bull has opened up 10 Wildcard spots for Crashed Ice in St Paul Minnesota on February 22nd. Watch the introductory video (youtube) to understand the skill level needed to compete in Crashed Ice.

Red Bull Crashed Ice: Wildcard Online Qualifier

Click Try Out to submit your best action video and increase your chances of qualifying! Selection will be based on votes and at the discretion of our expert panel. Good luck!

Jeremy Townsend – Entry (vote)
Song: Dvbbs, Borgeous, Dvbbs, Borgeous – Tsunami (Dj Riskone Mix).

Anthony Avella: International Wildcard (selected)

If you promote rollerblading in your entry, feel free to post your voting link in the comments, the post will be updated.

Jeremy Townsend: Skatebarn Sessions by Jonathan Roulston

Monday, December 7th, 2009

I spent three nights filming a well-known name and figure among the Seattle Skaters. When all was said and done I had a little over 100 quality clips to narrow down.

Jeremy Townsend

Jeremy is an interesting person to watch, and a frustrating person to film. He charges everything at the max speed. It’s hard to be prepared for him, which often begs the question from others, “Did he just do that?” For myself, I question, “Why didn’t I press record?”

It’s not hard to get the answers to these questions though, because not only is he fast, Jeremy never stops skating. He is a trick machine. There’s not telling what wild hair is in him that particular day. – Jonathan Roulston.

Thanks Roulston Jonathan.

Jeremy Townsend Photos and Videos

Monday, February 20th, 2006

jeremy townsend, skating
^ Jeremy Townsend – 270 BS Farv to Soul to 180

Check some Videos Edits of Jeremy Townsend, also check this old edit of Jeremy, was i dreaming or did he skate the Great Wall of China ? (beginning of the Video)

jeremy townsend, skating
^ Jeremy Townsend – AO Fish

jeremy townsend, skating
^ Jeremy Townsend – Farv

jeremy townsend, skating
^ Jeremy Townsend – Top Acid

jeremy townsend, skating
^ Jeremy Townsend – Soul 2 Kink Gap

jeremy townsend, skating
^ Jeremy Townsend – BS Farv 180

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