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Tony Rivituso: Fester Edit by Jeremy Cloe

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Tony Rivituso: Fester Edit by Jeremy Cloe

Filmed by Jeremy Cloe and Brett Walters.

Video offline.

Song: John Maus – Quantum Leap.

Opus Montage by Jeremy Cloe

Monday, December 13th, 2010


Featuring Tony Rivituso, Russell Day, Matt Moya, Jim Ervin, Brandon Giffen, Tyler Brooks, Chris Haffey, Brett Walters, Jeremy Cloe and JC Rowe.

Filmed by Jeremy Cloe and Brett Walters ; chopped by Jeremy Cloe.

Chris Calkins: Las VegaSYF Edit

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Shot and edited by Jeremy Cloe.

chris calkins

2009 WRS Pro Tour: The 2009 World Finals (Las Vegas, USA) by Jeremy Cloe

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

World class riders gathered in Las Vegas on Halloween weekend and battled for the World Finals title, last stop of the WRS 2009 Pro Tour.

A lot of pessure was on Aragon at this final event in Vegas because two riders could have potentially taken his 1st place on the WRL: Chris Haffey and Julien Cudot.
After a brilliant season on the Pro Tour in which he qualified for the Pro Finals, amateur Julien Cudot didn’t manage to pass the first round. Chris Haffey, although succeeding at qualifying for the final round, took a hard fall on a disaster true fish and had to retire from the competition.

Despite Wellsmore’s (2nd) impressive tricks, Broskow’s (3rd) creativity and style, Sizemore’s (4th) aggressive disasters and Stockwell’s (5th) fast lines, Brian Aragon did not loose his focus and took 1st place by landing stylish hammers and utilizing the whole course including every new obstacles built especially for the Las Vegas Finals.
He was then crowned 2009 World Champion (WRL#1) in front of the Vegas crowd, alongside Chris Haffey (WRL#2) and David Sizemore (WRL#3).

Check the Video in HD Streaming.

WRS World Finals Results:

1. Brian Aragon [USA]
2. CJ Wellsmore [Australia]
3. Alex Broskow [USA]
4. David Sizemore [USA]
5. Jeff Stockwell [USA]
6. Jon Bolino [USA]
7. Brian Shima [USA]
8. Roman Abrate [France]
9. Dominik Wagner [Germany]
10. Stephane Alfano [France]
11. Chris Haffey [USA] (ret’d)

Tony Rivituso: quick profile by Jeremy Cloe

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Tony Rivituso has been banging out tons of clips and I’ve been slacking on the new video. So, I figured I would throw together a quick section for the internet with some spare clips.

Shot by Brett Walters and Jeremy Cloe, edited by Jeremy Cloe.

Song: Crystal Castles – Crimewave. Thanks Jeremy.