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Tim Schmidt: Thirty Seven Bald Eagles (2016)

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

Tim Schmidt: Thirty Seven Bald Eagles (2016)

Tim Schmidt is a extreme rollerblading legend. It was an honor to be able to live with him at his private ramp in West Lafayette, Indiana multiple times in 2016.

Here is a short video that was filmed on his thirty seventh birthday. He wanted to shoot a solid video for his sponsor, Rollerblade. This gorgeous piece of history is what panned out. Featuring Cameo skating by Philip Moore, and Mike Messenger.

Thank you for all you do for aggressive skating Tim. Thank you for building Ramp & Camp. We can’t wait to be

Bladesmas 2016 at the Kitchen: Indiana Inline Edit

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Edited by Seth Andrews for Indiana Inline.

Bladesmas 2017 at the Kitchen: Indiana Inline Edit

1/7/17 – Eric Foust put this together. Thanks to him and the kitchen for making this happen. Sorry for no titles and horrible editing/ filming/music. Also, I didn’t start filming until later in the night. There were lots of amazing tricks that were not captured including Alex’s (rugburn) zero spin fishbrain all the way up the red rail (crazy!)

SouthernScum: Ramping & Camping (2016)

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Schmidty’s Ramp, along with The Blade Museum, SVZ, & your favorite scumbags came together & organized the first annual Schmidty’s Ramp and Camp Mini Ramp Contest/ Rail Jam. Held in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Southern Scum: Ramping & Camping (2016)

We wanted to get the real experience, so we spent 5 days RV traveling, late night partying, bond fire grilling, lake fishing, swimming, bathing. Most importantly ramp skating & down rail grinding.

The majority of our trip was captured on the skitch VX, & will all go to the Born Free Tour Video. But, I was able to whip out the old Death Lens App a couple of times to grab these magic moments.

Big shout out to Tim Schmidt & Savannah for once again allowing us to ransack their property & invite way too many people. Huge shout out to Cameron Card, Tad, Kazu Mori, & Lulu for giving everyone of us something to strive for. To see two families willing to risk so much, travel so far, all in the name of rollerblading is truly magical. You all deserve all the great things headed your way. Cameron, you are a ripper bud. Thanks for stopping by the RV for that session. We were honored. Congrats on the 1st place victory.

Thank you SRC for letting southernscum & company be part of such a memorable experience. From this point on, nothing will ever be the same. LONG LIVE ROLLERBLADING. PS. Tim, sorry for paddling over the property line. Those Chicago heads always get me going! What a tremendous way to say good bye to the summer!


Garret Mitschelen: Haunted Wheel Co, 2013 Edit

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Garret Mitschelen: Haunted Wheel Co, 2013 Edit

Garret Mitschelen from Southbend, Indiana ripping in the Midwest. Filmed by Christian Macon and Sean Macgowen, chopped by Brad Oz.

Miniramp in a garage at the Indiana Tatoo Shop

Friday, November 17th, 2006

miniramp in a garage
up : enlarge the photo

The Indiana Tatoo Shop have a nice miniramp in their garage, nice idea for rainy days!

Daniel Prell once sent me a video of his friends garage where they built a really nice skatepark with ledges and curves if remember well (i didn’t find the video i posted monthes ago :/).

miniramp in a garage

Tatoo Indiana Shop
up : the Tatoo shop