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Iain Mcleod: Demode Section (2004)

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Demode a film by by Carl Sturgess and Jeff Stockwell.

Iain Mcleod: Demode Section (2004)

Music: Dug – Swells Of Ohio part 1, Odd Nos Dam – track 15, Odd Nos Dam – track 2, DJ Shadow – Disavowed, DJ Signify – Peek’a Boo – Part2.

Demode (2004): Full Video + Soundtrack.

Iain Mcleod: Amall Cash Clip Invitational (2014)

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Iain Mcleod: Amall Cash Clip Invitational

Filmed by Alejoh Candelo, Quinn Feldman & Winston Wardwell.
Amall Cash Clip Invitational: Event + FAQ. Song: Kavinsky. Photo.

Previously: Iain Mcleod & The Drums, Edit by Quinn Feldman.

Iain Mcleod & The Drums: Edit by Quinn Feldman

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Iain Mcleod & The Drums

Shot by Winston Wardwell, Quinn Feldman, Alejoh Candelo, Colin Mcleod, Isaac DeSanto, Julian Mire & Ryan Simone. Song: Boy Eats Drum Machine – Danny and the Devil.

Previously: The 2013 Iain Mcleod Section.

Savage: Battle My Crew 5

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Savage: Battle My Crew

Since Battle My Crew didn’t happen. We decided to upload it to the web instead of let it sit on a hard drive. All this precious moments that we capture needed to be exposed to the world.

Featuring Iain Mcleod, Colin Mcleod, Winston Wardwell, Eric Schaefer, Jeff Hamm, Buzz Holbrook & Alejoh Candelo.


The 2013 Iain Mcleod Section

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

This was a project Iain Mcleod and I spent 2 years working on and we are happy to present the finished product. – Quinn Feldman.

The 2013 Iain Mcleod Section

Director/DOP: Quinn Feldman. Produced by Iain Mcleod & Quinn Feldman. Assistant Director: Ryan Simone. B Camera Operators: Winston Wardwell, Danny Ruelas. Editor: Quinn Feldman. Key Grip: Danny Ruelas. Production Assistants: Caleb Cartographer Robertson, Jacob Bouzaglou, Oscar Sosa, Tri Tri-Rudolf.

Music: The XX – Intro, Small Black – Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix).
Previously: The Glide to Socal by Quinn Feldman.

Iain Mcleod Section by Quinn Feldman Coming Soon

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Prelude: Iain Mcleod, write up by Quinn Feldman. Expect a trailer next week.

Iain Mcleod

Just like VHS, DVDs are coming to an end which I think is a sad truth but it is a truth all the same. The amount of online content you get to see in skating is astronomical but there is very little that lives on that you watch over and over like you did when Brain Fear Gone came out.

In my opinion when looking at skating in general, the danger level and difficulty level has declined majorly. I still like a lot of peoples skating but just speaking in general.

But if you look at the best bladers in the world they don’t fall into that general population. Iain Mcleod and myself discussed making a section that we would put out that people would always remember, and truly respect which is a bit harder to do now because of the fast speed of content via the internet.

Iain Mcleod
Thread on Facebook.

1 year ago we put together a list of tricks and spots that we both thought was close to impossible. I put the word “close” there because it gives skaters like Iain enough wiggle room to make it happen. I explained to Iain that if we were going to do this together that I would have to be able to shoot it the way I wanted without any interference. He agreed.


Iain Mcleod: Film Section by Carl Sturgess (2003)

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Iain Mcleod: Film Section by Carl Sturgess (2003)

Songs: Eminem – Go To Sleep, The Sauce & Nail In The Coffin.

Iain Mcleod: 180 + 540 Attempt on Brain Fear Gone Church Roof (circa 2000)

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Iain Mcleod: 180 + 540 Attempt on Brain Fear Gone Church Roof (circa 2000)

One of the craziest tricks Iain Mcleod has ever done, as well a one of the craziest tricks anyone has ever done.

Originally from Daily Bread V4 Quatro. Shot and Edited by Jan Welch.

Thank You Haters: Featuring Brian Aragon, Iain McLeod, Dre Powell, Julian Bah & More

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

September 2010 Repost.


Starring: Brian Aragon, Dre Powell, Julian Bah, Brent Hicks, Fabio Enes, Max Jubin & Iain McLeod.

Filmed & Edited by Brazilionaire.

Deshtruction Tour – Life+5

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

This is the Deshi (RIP) video section of the Life+ 5 video magazine. Featuring Louie Zamora, Randy Spizer, Chris Farmer and Ian Mcleod.

Deshstruction Tour - Life+5

More Life Plus Media

Iain Mcleod: Razors Edit by Erick Rodriguez

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Iain Mcleod

Filmed by Winston Wardwell and Erick Rodriguez.

Music by 2 Chainz (Instrumental).
Previously: 5 minutes & 4 Tricks with Iain Mcleod.

Razors Iain McLeod Pro Skate

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Underestimated, sometimes. Underrated, maybe. Out-skated, never. Iain McLeod has been on a professional level for what seems like forever. 2 pro skates, 3 pro frames, 3 pro wheels… and counting.

Razors Iain McLeod Pro Skate

Always a leader in both the tech and stunt aspects of blading, his ability to land some of the largest gaps, grind near impossible rails, and progress the ledge game further than few could have dreamed, continues to amaze anyone who’s seen him skate.

Razors Iain McLeod Pro Skate

When asked how he does it, he simply smiles and says ‘practice.’ Fact is, within the 16 years he’s been on blades, you can probably count the number of days Iain hasn’t skated on both hands. This kid loves blading and his skating deserves -scratch that- demands respect.

It is for these and many other reasons that we are introducing the Iain McLeod Pro Skate.

Featuring the Razors Genesys boot with all the trimmings. This steel blue boot includes replaceable 1-piece soul frames, backslide plates, Genesys liners, Ground Control FLT2 frames, and Signature Iain McLeod Undercover Wheels, all wrapped up with white/blue hockey laces and matching blue, white and black trim.

Features: GC FLT2 frame, Genesys liner with extra thick padding, McLeod Undercover ‘Duck Hunt’ Wheels (56mm/89a), Replaceable 1-piece soul frame, Replaceable backslide plate, Perfectly aligned backslide plate groove, 42 mm anti-rocker wheels, Oversized heel pad, Razors tool, ABEC 7 bearings. Sizes: 6-14, plus size 10.5

Razors Silhan SL & Mcleod Pro Skates

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Spotted on the RW Catalog on June 26th. Here are more pictures of the Razors Mathias Silhan SL & Iain Mcleod Pro Razors Skates.

Razors Silhan SL & Mcleod Pro Skates

Larger pictures

Photos: Amall, Jeph Howard & Iain Mcleod.

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