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D.O.B III (France): Trailer by Pierre Ollivier

Friday, October 10th, 2014

West of France skating, filmed and edited by Pierre Ollivier.

D.O.B III (France): Trailer by Pierre Ollivier

Featuring Mathieu Kerhornou, Gauthier Faveyrial, Gregory Breger, Simon Martineau & Virgil Dos Santos.

Music: The Hives – Come On. Thanks Roll056 (forums).

Greg Breger & Pals: Chill Sessions in Quimper (France)

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

Greg Breger & Pals: Chill Session in Qimper (France)

Two sessions at the new Macumba skatepark in Quimper (France). Featuring Lilian Puisset, Greg Breger, Pierre Ollivier, Quentin Brest, Maxime Le Tareau, Mathieu Kerhornou, Maxime Kind & Gauthier Faveyrial.

Optional music for Jean Pierre Mader fans.
Previously: Greg Breger (31): Quebec 2013 Edit.

Greg Breger (31): Quebec 2013 Edit by Pierre Ollivier

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Filmed by Mickael Villeneuve, Tony Tetaz, Marc Andre Pellan, Ronan Algalarrondo & Maxime Kind. Edited by Pierre Ollivier.

Song: The great novel – Ain’t too pretty.
Previously: Gregory Breger, Powerblading + Street (Taryf 5).

Gregory Breger (31): Powerblading + Street, Taryf 5

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Gregory Breger (France) AKA “Shooting star” – 31 YO. Filmed by Jim “the godfather” Torre, Pierre Ollivier , Ronan Algalarrondo , Nicolas “Nik8″ Crusson, Simon Martineau, Adrien Roldes, Tom thieuleux & Guillaume Le Gentil.

Gregory Breger: Powerblading + Street, Taryf 5

Song: We were promised jetpacks – It’s thunder and it’s lightning.

Greg Breger: Kizer Level 2 Test, Edit by Pierre Ollivier

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Greg Breger: Kizer Level 2 Test

Gregory Breger is back with another grind session. This time he is testing out his brand new Kizer Level 2 frames. Edit by Pierre

Previously: Gregory Breger (France), Kizer Powerblading Edit.

Gregory Breger (France): Kizer, Powerblading Edit

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Kizer is proud to present their newest rider, Gregory Breger.

Gregory Breger (France): Kizer, Powerblading Edit

Greg Breger is the premier name in Powerblading, doing tricks in past edits that no-one imagined possible.

With this latest edit Greg absolutely blows us away, taking full advantage of his Kizer Arrow frames and 80mm Matter and UC Wheels, both with his grinds and gaps combining them with his controlled all surface terrain skating. –

Edited by Ronan Algalarrondo.


Greg Breger: Gladiator Contest 2012, AM Winner

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Greg Breger: Gladiator Contest 2012, AM Winner

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Greg Breger (Nantes, France): Powerblading Edit

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Greg Breger (Nantes, France): Powerblading Edit

Filmed by Ronan Algalarrondo and Pierre Ollivier ; edited by Pierre Ollivier. Hardware: Canon 600d and 60d.

Greg Breger (29): Taryf, Time Dvd (2011) Profile

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Shot in France and Spain.

Greg Breger: Taryf, Time Dvd (2011) Profile

A 2011 Taryf Prod, TIME is a collaboration of several filmers, grafic designers and french Skaters.

A French dirty south entertainment video featuring Guillaume Le Gentil, Greg Breger, Chris Bortolaso, Sam Hontabat and all the Taryf Family.

Editing Staff: FX pergola, Tistan Barathe & Jim Torre.

Song: Sons and Daughters – Gilt Complex.

Gregory Breger: Street & Powerblade Edit

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Edited by Pierre Ollivier (roll056).

Gregory Breger

Previously: Gregory Breger (29): Time Dvd (France), Leftovers. Photo.

Gregory Breger (29): Time Dvd (France), Leftovers

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Gregory Breger

This is a Gregory Breger (Terre de glisse, Taryf) short profile with unused clips of Time, a french project (Out Fall 2011).

Time is a Taryf collaboration of several filmers graphic designers and french Skaters. Shot with a Canon 7D, several Canon Rebel T2I & so much lenses.

Greg Breger – New TamTam Shop Team Rider (France)

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Greg Breger

The french skateshop Tamtam is building their skating team at the moment (french topic). Here is Greg Breger, their new pro rider. Another (older) edit of Greg is availiable here.

Le shop Tamtam est en train de monter sa team de skaters. Bravo a Greg Berger. Si vous etes interresses, je cite:

Il reste encore de la place dans le team tamtamshop pour un voir deux riders (ou rideuse)… continuez a  nous envoyer vos videos et tout… et merci a  ceux qui l’on deja  fait !

Merci Sonia. J’en profite pour glisser une news FR: l’association Streettours (Indre & Loire) vient de se creer (plus d’infos ici). Elle offre pleins d’avantages, et notamment 10% de reduction chez Diove Konnection Skateshop + frais de ports offert des 50 euros.