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F.O.R 4 – An honest review

Friday, February 24th, 2017

F.O.R 4 - An honest review

Future of Rollerblading 4 (F.O.R 4). What could go possibly go wrong in naming your video after one of the greatest video series in the history of rollerblading? Well, quite a lot actually.

A few months back I started seeing adverts on Facebook and Instagram for F.O.R 4. At first I was excited ; maybe, just maybe Joe Navran is making a new video.

Imagine for a second what that might have looked like… Excitement quickly turned to skepticism when I realised that Erick Rodriguez was helming this project.

I wanted to believe it could be a worthy addition to the series, I really did. Over the next few months I enjoyed the promotional material that appeared ; lifestyle and location shots overlaid with the names of all of the skaters that would appear in the production. In style it looked like the cover of a Hollywood movie, so far so good. […]

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Nick Lomax: F.O.R. 4 Clips by Erick Rodriguez

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Nick Lomax: F.O.R. 4 Clips by Erick Rodriguez

F.O.R. 4 is out (trailer), you can support the project on Sellfy.

9TO5DigiMedia and FP Films is proud to present the 4th installment of the Future of Rollerblading series. We were able to film with some of the most legendary bladers in the game along with some of the new generation of shredders in NYC, California, Atlanta, North Carolina, Las Vegas, and Spain.

Starring: Victor Arias, Monrte Livingston, Julian Bah, Soichiro Kanashima, Boschi Pope, Dre Pwell, Erick Rodriguez, Damon Franklin, Korey Waikiki, Tim Franken, Chris Framer, Mike Murda Johnson, Franky Morales, Anthony Armsrong, Brian Freeman, Nick Lomax, Eugen Enin, Billy Oniel, Miguel Ramos, Yuri Botelho, Austin Paz, Nick Lomax, Greg Preston, Keith Hubbard, Michael Braud,Cameron Tallbot, Stephen Babcock, John Vossouchi, Ivan Narez, Carlos Bernal, Sam Crofts, Paul John, Kruise Sapstein, Danny Aldridge, Phillip Gripper, Anthony Williams, Oscar Sosa, Will Powell, Jeremy Soderburg, and Pablo Munoz. Filmed by Erick Rodriguez additional videography by Rachard Johnson, Ulysse Prom, Chris Smith, Victor Arias, Vincent Lindgren, Tim Franken, and Greg Preston. Motion graphics by Fred Castro. Photography by Jonathan Labez and Kenneth Dedeu. Edited by Erick Rodriguez and Joe Navran additional aerial cinematography by Vinny Minton.

F.O.R. 4 (2017) by Erick Rodriguez: Trailer

Friday, February 10th, 2017

F.O.R. 4 (2017) by Erick Rodriguez

RELEASE DATE – 02.13.17

Julian Bah: F.O.R. 4 (2017) by Erick Rodriguez [Teaser]

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

More Media: Victor Arias Teaser | TOOEASY Podcast 2: Erick Rodriguez talks F.O.R 4, behind the scenes on his project & positivity.

Victor Arias: F.O.R. 4 (2017) by Erick Rodriguez [Teaser]

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Victor Arias: F.O.R. 4 (2017)  by Erick Rodriguez [Teaser]

TOOEASY Podcast 2: Erick Rodriguez talks F.O.R 4, behind the scenes on his project & positivity

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Abdiel Colberg: Future of Rollerblading III

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Abdiel Colberg: Future of Rollerblading III

Music: Dilated Peoples – This Way (Radio Version, feat. Kanye West).

Demetrios George: Future of Rollerblading 3

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

February 2009 Repost.

future of rollerblading

Thanks Hello!

Joe Navran’s Future of Rollerblading (1998)

Monday, April 19th, 2010

One Mag posted a Lookback article (link down) about Joe Navran’s F.O.R. (1998). Visit

future of rollerblading

“Skating has to mature and grow, which it hasn’t. It has regressed.” — Beau Cottington

It has been 17 years since Joe Navran’s film “The Future of Rollerblading” was released. In between every section there were interludes about our future. Some of them were quotes from skaters about their views, and some were quotes from rappers taken out of context that were pulled from the 1997 DJ Krush album “Milight.” […]

Here’s a look at Joe Navran’s 1998 video: “Future of Rollerblading” featuring Erik Burke, Robert Lievanos, Dustin Latimer, Josh Clarke, Jason Marshall, John Starr, Brian Shima, Pat Lennen, Matt Andrews, and “Future Prospects”: John Glynn, Kevin Gillan, Billy Prislin, Pat Milbery, and more… This video inspired A LOT of people to make their own blade flicks.

Future of Rollerblading (FOR) II: Full Video

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Filmed and edited by Joe Navran. Future Prospect Productions.

Profiles on Franky Morales, Jimmy Shuda, Abdiel Colberg and Rachard Johnson.

Featuring people such as Brian Shima, Dustin Latimer, Josh Petty, Dominic Sagona, Tat Nasu, Shayne Skowers and many others.

future of rollerblading

Video Offline. Thanks Usd_skates.

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