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Sober (2016) by Jon Lee – VOD, Now Free

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Sober (2016) by Jon Lee VOD!

Sober, a 30 something minute blade piece with Elliot Stevens, Neil Ingall, James Bower, Umberto Toselli And mates (Trailer).

Note: you can get the 2gb .MP4 file of the video for free on Sellfy.

Mindgame – Bang (2004) Full Video

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Mindgame - Bang (2004)

Flashback: The third Installment from Mindgame, BANG will make you reevaluate everything you thought you knew about tricks, style and editing. It brings rolling to heights never before imagined. Witness the masters who blend creativity & fluidity.

Featuring Aaron Feinberg, Don bambrick, Brian Aragon, Chris Farmer, Dustin Latimer, Ben Schwab, Kevin Raser, Hayden Watt, Damien Wilson & more. Produced by Shane Coburn.

Mindgame – Bang (2004) Soundtrack Listing.

Flashback | The Truth (2007): Full Video

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

A video by Austin Paz & Brotherly Love.

The Truth

Starring: Billy O’Neill, Sean Kelso, Colin Kelso, Franco Cammayo, Chris Cheshire, Austin Paz. Featuring: Erik Bailey, Jon Julio, Jeff Dalnas, Mike Johnson, Jon Jon Bolino, Jeph Howard, Erik Stokley, Justin Brasco, Montre Livingston.

Soundtrack Listing Courtesy of Rollingvideos.

  • Intro: Rage Against the Machine – New Millenium Homes
  • Sean Kelso: Elliot Lipp – Times Four
  • Austin Paz: Wu-Tang Clan – 9 Milli Bros
  • Chris Cheshire: Cut Chemist – A Peak In Time
  • Chris Cheshire: Jaylib – Hydrant Game (Instrumental)
  • Franco Cammayo: Common – The Game
  • Colin Kelso: Trouble Andrew – Chase Money
  • Billy O’Neil: Masta Ace – Soda & Soap
  • Outro: J Dilla – Won’t Do

More Media: The Truth 1 (2007) | The Truth 2 (2009).
Sections, Trailers, B-Role, Premiere Coverage & more!

Noir by Brandon Negrete (2003): Full Video

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

Profiles of Chris Haffey, Randy Spizer, Brandon Campbell, Alex Broskow and Mike Leaf. Also featuring Chris Farmer, Louie Zamora, Connor O’Brien, Brandon Mateer and more.

Noir by Brandon Negrete


  • Intro: Interpol – Untitled
  • Chris Haffey: Portishead – Strangers
  • Mike Leaf 1: Ball Slap From RK
  • Mike Leaf 2: Instrumentals
  • Roadhouse (Randy Spizer): Black Sabbath – Sabbra Cadabra
  • Montage: Division of Laura Lee – Trapped In
  • Alex Broskow: Smashing Pumpkins – Everlasting Gaze
  • Brandon Campbell Intro: Van Morrison – Sweet Thing
  • Brandon Campbell: Radiohead – Idioteque(live on snl)
  • Barn Burner: Pretty Girls Make Graves – Ghosts In The Radio
  • USD Road Trip: The Trail of Dead – Another Morning Stoner
  • Credits: The Shins – When You Notice the Stripes
  • Unknown: Pete Wingfield – 18 With a Bullet
  • Unknown: Necro – Freestyle

RIP Brandon Negrete

RIP Brandon Negrete.
Artwork by Robert Lievanos (Fade Hurricane). Tracklist courtesy of Rollingvideos.

The Network “A Canadian Skate Video” (2000)

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

From The back cover: “The Network” represents skating: Skaters from coast to coast, separated by distance, united through a common passion. The Network showcases the best riders in the country, giving them the spotlight they deserve. The Network is the continuation of Mother’s Milk’s first production “Walking Shadow.”

The Network

With the same goals of promoting the Canadian scene, here is The Network Series… Featured skaters: Corey Lowe, Nicky Adams, Ian Frenette, Mike Lukewich, Jake Chaput, Jon Bergeron, Mathieu Ledoux, Luke Porter, Charles A. Nantel and Richie Eisler.

Featured sections edited by the Colony (Corey Lowe) and Riley Maruyama. Produced and edited by Felix Rioux. Mother’s Milk Productions.

Video shared by

KCMO by Sean Kelso (2014): Full Video

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

KCMO is back online. Sean Kelso rehosted the whole video on Youtube.


Starring Chris Farmer, Patrick Doherty, KC Roche, Colin Kelso, Chris Cheshire, Sean Kelso, Nick LaBarre & Alex Broskow.

Featuring Andrew Nemiroski, David Sizemore, Matt Ladewski, Mike Lilly, Sean Santamaria, Michael Collins, Thinh Le, Mason Stickler, Chris Candia, John Bolino, Dean Coward, Michael Garlinghouse & Adam Exline.

Soundtrack | B-Roll & Extras | Trailer.

Scumpire: HVMVNGVS Mixtape (2015): Full Video

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Scumpire: HVMVNGVS Mixtape (2015)

A video by Ian Walker. Starring Isaac Parks, Zach Pavel, Austin Cooper, Greg Schlosser, and James Kobryn (VOD | oct 24).


Straight Jackit (2003) by Adam Johnson: Full video

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

Straight Jackit was a term thought up by Jeromy Morris, Alex Broskow, Brandon Mateer, and Adam Johnson as they journeyed from Kansas to California for the first of many trips. The Straight Jackit video won video of the year in 2003 and was nominated for sections of the year for Chris Farmer and Alex Broskow. 2009 Repost.

Straight Jackit

Straight Jackit Part 1: Intro

This is the introduction to Straight Jackit, the DVD that propelled Vibralux into the limelight and featured some of the hottest skating to date. Ignorant kids still claim they like Broskow and Farmer better in this video then current projects… silly.

Straight Jackit Part 2: Brian Aragon

Poetry In Motion (Full Video) by Chris Majette

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Chris Majette’s second independent release. Featuring the Philly Scene and the east coast. Showing a diverse range of skating, styles and skaters. This also features the first East Coast True Street Comp in which Colin Kelso comes out on top.

Poetry In Motion (Full Video) by Chris Majette

Featuring Sean Kelso, Selwin Briggs, Rob Thompson, Malik Kamara, Colin Kelso, Jeff Fredricks, Antony Serini, Mike Murtaugh, Scott Heinz, George Kramer, Chris Cheshire, Jimmy Shuda, and Adam Kilgore. Producer: Chris Majette (Denial Clothing).

Soundtrack Listing

  • Intro: Radiohead – Street Spirit.
  • Colors: The Juliana Theroy – Emotion is Dead Pt. 1.
  • Spot Checks: Ignite – Veteran.
  • Selwin Briggs: Outkast – Da Art of Storytelling.
  • Ectsc: Organized Confusion – Stress Remix.
  • Random 1: Face to Face – Complicated.
  • Random 2: Piebald – Watch Her Flow.
  • Drexel Ledge: Genesis – Land of Confusion.
  • Sean Kelso: Juliana Theory – To the Sound of 5000 Screaming Children.
  • Credits: Linkin Park – In the End.
  • Fall Section: Offspring – Falling.

Soundtrack courtesy of Rollingvideos | Video by Rollerblading VHS archive.

Videogroove VG19 | East Coast (2001) Full Video

Friday, October 7th, 2016

VG19ECVG2: This is our annual tribute to the east side of the states. VG covers much more ground this time around with several tours popping off at once. Life life on the road via vans, clubs, hotels, and breakdowns. VH has hired secret agent James Reetski for the assignment, guest director of Dre’s P file.

Videogroove VG19 | East Coast (2001) Full Video

Unbelievable filming and editing is high on the list this issue. Drive with us through the dirty south all the way through to the twin cities and 10,000 lakes. Plenty of flavor from guest host “super hick” Kevin Dowling.

East Coast VG is something we strongly feel will change the way people view rolling on the strong side. This is the anti coverage you never see in print! VG has it, full blown for ya! Untapped talent, and spots that will hype you to skate. Raw! Fid man. Thanks for the support…

Est. 1993. Co-directors: Chris Majette, Daive Paine.
Video courtesy of Rollerblading VHS archive.

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