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Julian Bah Setup with Epoch Frames

Monday, May 1st, 2006

Julian Bah Epoch Setup

This is the setup of Julian Bah. A Razors Genesys 5 with Genre Wheels and featuring Epoch Frames ! Julian is skating for |B|unique, Razors, Genre & source.

Epoch out mid-March

Thursday, January 19th, 2006

Hi All, We’ve just confirmed that Epochs will be hitting Mid March. There’s absolutely zero chance of a delay, we can confirm that manufacturing has already started and is on target to launch in 8 weeks time. We will begin preorders on our site ( shortly. Peace. – Tom Hyser.


Tom Hyser – Soul With Epoch Frame

Sunday, September 25th, 2005

epoch frames

More infos about the Epoch Frame (photos and explanation).
Thanks Xaeon.

Epoch Frames not Dead !

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

Julian bah

The Epoch project is not dead!
Check some photos of Julian Bah riding them.

epoch frames

October 2004 Infos

It’s a metal frame. you put your wheels onto it, then the plastic stuff is like a skin that slips over the frame. this way your axels don’t grind down anymore, and they replace half assed solutions like the grind walls on the 50/50 balance frames (they grind off in like 2 mins anyway and aren’t replacable. Te prototype hasn’t got them yet but the final product will). The idea behind the frame is that you just by the slip on shields, so that the frame itself lasts virtually forever. You don’t need to buy bolts anymore (that get worn down) or the metal frame or the hblock or grindwalls (aka salomon). You just buy replacement slip on shields.

Because of this, they will be able to release many types of ‘skins’ to make this the ultimate in customisable frames, different colors with different types of grind walls, with different types of hblocks made from different types of materials (i.e. diamond, regular etc).

The metal skeleton makes it strong as hell. They’ve had guy’s testing the same frames for over 12 months, and after replacing over 10 skins not a single one has bent or cracked.

That is a prototype frame, the groove isn’t going to be that big for the final one.

Because the metal on the top shows, and the camera angle, it makes it look higher than it actually is. It’s just as low as any other frame. also the slip on cover / plastic shield comes down a bit further to the ground for cess sliding (minimizes chances of getting flat spots). This almost makes it look taller than it actually is. but again, it’s not.

Rumors are going around that it is going to be called ‘face’ frames but that’s not true. The current name is THD frames (Tom Hyser design?), however that might change closer to release.

Tom Hyser, if you dont know, is the guy that invented and owned Fiziks.

There is no suspension system inside of it.

The split might even be bigger for the final frame. expect just a tiny, tiny gap between the 1st and 2nd, and 3rd and 4th wheels. His goal with this is to bring back flat skating with a vengeance.

Rumours are that hyper has teamed up with tom to make this frame so it might come out under the name ‘hyper’ (the wheel company). This will help him get extra funding, production resources, marketing and distribution capabilities because apparently he lost a lot of money when Fiziks went down and he needs a business partner to make this happen.

They want to release it in 2004 however there’s a chance it might end up being 2005

epoch frames

Epoch Frames, a new frames co, brought to you by Tom Hyser and Scott Fraser.