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USD Team in California (2012) by Matthew Watkinson

Friday, March 6th, 2015

December 2012 Repost.

USD Team in Cali by Matthew Watkinson

Demetrios George, Montre Livingston, Franky Morales, Jeff Dalnas, Nick Lomax, Anthony Williams, Jeremy Soderburg & Elliot Stevens destroy California.

Directed & Edited by Matthew Watkinson. Visit | Youtube Mirror.

Valo Maneuver Monday’s with Elliot Stevens

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Shot by Cavin Brinkman in Amsterdam, Holland.

Valo Maneuver Monday's with Elliot Stevens

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Photo of the day: Elliot Stevens (2014)

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Photo of the day: Elliott Stevens (LA)

Alex Burston & Elliot Stevens: Stockport Session

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Alex Burston & Elliot Stevens. 1 day, autumn 2014 session.

Alex Burston & Elliot Stevens: Stockport Session

Elliot Stevens: LocoSkates 2014 Edit by Alex Burston

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Elliot Stevens: LocoSkates 2014 Edit by Alex Burston

Elliot Stevens and I have been going out for sessions in the streets of Manchester and managed to gather up a sick amount of clips to share with you.

Elliot’s potential and determination is amazing. We go out, have a chilled skate, come across some mad gap or rail and Elliot will just straight up smash it!

A lot of these clips are NBDs (never been done), even a high majority of the spots have never been skated. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Elliot for about 10 years now, he has always been on a different level than most at skating (and probably general life too). LocoSkates presents to you the main man himself: Elliot Stevens.Alex Burston.

Additional footage by Carson Starnes.
Previously: Leon Humphries & Elliot Stevens in Holland (2014).

Leon Humphries & Elliot Stevens in Holland (2014)

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Loco Skates sent team riders Elliot Stevens and Leon Humphries to the 10th annual Winterclash this past February in Eindhoven.

Besides the usual sessions during the event with friends old and new what we didn’t expect to get was this phenomenal edit shot in just a few days in Amsterdam prior to the event with the help of Cavin Macon. Edited by Cavin Brinkman.

Leon Humphries & Elliot Stevens in Holland

Good moments pass all too quickly. We savour them in increasingly creative ways. Stories and reflections drawn from memory tends to suffice for the camp fire or street jam.

However, there is a keen desire to capture and bring together memories in beautiful collages of music and movement. This is such a positive energy that emanates from many of my friends. Experiencing the moment in the most honest form – the present, is perfect. But ive found it a beautiful thing to have good moments, to experience them and to also share them.

In that regard I feel abundantly happy I spent so much time with friends who feel a similar way. These are great memories, some parts of my soul. – Leon Humphries.

Music: Bardo Pond – Slip Away.
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Projects Fruitloops: Scott Quinn, Chaz Sands, Alex Burston & Elliot Stevens

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Projects Fruitloops: Scott Quinn, Chaz Sands, Alex Burston & Elliot Stevens

Scott Quinn and Chaz Sands came through Manchester on their way to Eskilstuna Sweden to go skate 016 skatepark. So we decided to go for a little fun session at Projects skatepark/ The pump cage with Elliot Stevens and a few others. Here are some clips from the evenings session. Fun times! Enjoy.Alex Burston.

Song: Benny Goodman Orchestra – One O’clock Jump.

Elliot Stevens @ Bones Skatepark: Edit

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Elliot Stevens @ Bones Skatepark

Me and Elliot Stevens had a couple of sessions at Bones Skatepark in the past few weeks. Here is a little edit I filmed and edited for Elliot. Elliot did a few tricks that no one has ever done in the park, if you go to Bones frequently, see if you can spot them. Enjoy.Alex Burston.

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