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KOOK | Short Film by Drew Bachrach (2015)

Monday, March 28th, 2016

Rollerblading scene at 3:30. Stunts by Erik Bailey.

KOOK: noun North American informal, a crazy or eccentric person. a love story, with a twist.

KOOK | Short Film by Drew Bachrach

Two kids cross paths in a small town and by the end of the day find out that they are from entirely different worlds. Written and directed by Drew Bachrach. Starring: Jesse Henderson and Ruth Renolds. Cinematography by: Eric Talesnick. Assistant Director: Adam Sinclair. Costumes by: Brittany Pisano. Original music by: Dream Panther, Robert Raimon Roy, Travis Shettel, Sean Foye, Sven Barth & Youth Lagoon. Shot with the Cannon C300 with a mix of Cannon and Zeiss prime lenses.

Behind the scenes

This is the production log from KOOK the movie. Shot over 3 days in Southern Idaho.

Where in Time is Ryan Shude? Edit by Drew Bachrach

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

photo by Ryan Shude
up: Billy O’neil for One Mag – Micah Yeager for Daily Bread. Photos by Ryan Shude.

You may remember Ryan Schude as the photo editor of Daily Bread Magazine, or contributing photographer for One, but what has he been up to lately?

Check this edit: produced, shot and edited by Drew Bachrach.

Ryan Schude is an up and coming photographer living and working in Los Angeles.

Ryan’s photos have been gaining acclaim in magazines and photo contests.

For more of Ryan’s work go to

photo by Ryan Shude
up: Nip Tuck – Linda Klein shot at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles for Angeleno Magazine.
Photo: Ryan Shude.

photo by Ryan Shude
Kat Von D at her store High Voltage in Los Angeles for Angeleno Magazine.
Photo: Ryan Shude.

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Thanks Drew.