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Donate and Skate 2015 by Anthony Medina

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Donate and Skate 2015 in Pflugerville, Texas.

Donate and Skate 2015 by Anthony Medina

This past 4th of July we held the 4th Donate and Skate Competition in Pflugerville, TX in hopes of getting new kids on blades. Though I have previously said I would never make another competition edit for numerous reasons, when Kevin asked me I couldn’t say no because it’s just too good of a cause. Thank you to all the sponsors, Kevin Little of course for being the mastermind behind Donate & Skate, and everybody that showed up to help support the cause.Anthony Medina.

Additional Footage: Austin “Foogie” Bartels & Gino Gotelli. Music: Craft Spells – Scandinavian Crush. Visit

Donate and Skate 2014: Edit by Kristian Payne

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Donate and Skate 2014: Edit by Kristian Payne

The Donate and Skate competition is a rollerblading contest where the entry fee to compete is a donated pair of used skates, skate frames, helmets, pads, wheels or miscellaneous skate parts.

The rollerblades are then assembled by volunteers during the contest and given to kids who are interested in rollerblading, but that may not have the funds necessary to buy new skates.


  1. Josh Glowicki
  2. Isaac Parks
  3. Fritz Peitzner

Best Trick: Josh Glowicki (Corkscrew 900).

Music: Chance the Rapper – Favorite Song, Loose Temper – Hands Up, Kid Cudi – She Came Along (get the song on

Donate and Skate Competition – Conroe, TX

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Kevin Little held another Donate and Skate charitable competition to get kids into rollerblading in Conroe, Texas a couple of weekends back.

Donate and Skate Competition - Conroe, TX

The admission charge to compete was a donation of skates, wheels, frames, liners, or pads that would go to kids trying to get into rollerblading but lacking the funds to do so.

We had a pretty large showing and there were a bunch of new kids on blades. Support Donate and Skate. Big thanks to Chaz Mac for holding down the fisheye.Anthony Medina.

Song: Eric Burdon & The Animals – C.C. Rider.