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Dallas Kurtz (Canada): Kaltik + RPT 2014 Edit

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

This edit was filmed over the past few months. Had tones of fun, shredded with some rad bros, and all i can say is buy Kaltiks and give them a try, hopefully you love them just as much as me. Hope you enjoy.Dallas Kurtz.

Dallas Kurtz (Canada): Kaltik 2014 Edit

Music: The Premiers – Farmer John (get the song on
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Dallas Kurtz (Canada): 2013/2014 Leftovers, RPT Edit

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Dallas Kurtz (Canada): 2013/2014 Leftovers

As you clean your computer for the next up coming blade year you usually find a bunch of clips you never thought you had.

These are a bunch of clips from this year and a little of last that i wanted to get out! Theres some sick clips, a rad song and little life style. Hope you enjoy.Dallas Kurtz.

Song: The Kings – You Really Got Me.
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Dallas Kurtz: 2010, 2011 RPT Edit (Calgary, Canada)

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Dallas Kurtz

Dallas Kurtz is a fucking gem. He has given more to this culture than he could ever take from it, the “home-town-hero” of Calgary.

If you are ever scoping out a “new” spot in town chances are D has already hit it. A personality through and through , if you ever have the opportunity to meet him, you won’t forget it.

Here’s to you D, to many more years of memories, on blades or off ’em, while rocking the jacket or not, RPT for life. -Karma.

Filmed primarily on a Sony Ex-1. Designed in After Effects and Adobe Premiere.

One: BLADE LIFE: Dallas Kurtz

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Dallas Kurtz

Dallas Kurtz is one of few people that truly lives the Blade Life.

Every day, Dallas gets paid to skate as one of the head blade instructors of Alien Inline, a company that travels around Alberta, Canada, educating school children on the basics of rollerblading.

As well as showing them the basics, Dallas plants the seeds of our lifestyle by showing them a few tricks before he leaves…

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Photo: Chris Wedman.