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Texas Skate Series: Dallas (2015) by Kristian Payne

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

Texas Skate Series: Dallas (2015) by Kristian Payne

Texas Skate Series: More Media.

Still Movin (Dallas, TX) by John Sullivan: Teaser (2015)

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Still Movin (Dallas, TX) by John Sullivan: Teaser (2015)

I bring to you my first online project about Rollerblading in the Dallas (Texas) area featuring profiles on Troy Maimone, Nate Landerholm, Joseph Poe, Josh Navarifar, and Myself. Also mini views and park montage of the homies. Actual video will drop in june or july.John Sullivan.

Dallas Days by Kristian Payne, Part 2

Friday, December 20th, 2013

The end of 2013 is coming soon and I had a lot of footage sitting on my hard drive from over the coarse of this year. I decided it was about time I got it all together and did something with it, so here is part two to the first Dallas Days montage.

Dallas Days by Kristian Payne, Part 2

Featuring: Fritz Peitzner, Hunter Grimm, Troy Maimone, Dillon Potts, Brady Johnston, Deandre Joseph, Keaton Newsom, Wes Phelan, Carson Starns, Chris Smith, Chad Anthony, and more. Also Featuring a mini-view of John Sullivan.

Music: Joey Badass – Summer Knights, LooseTemper – Jawny Two Feet.
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Texas Skate Series 2013: Dallas Edit by Jason Reyna

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

The TSS is a series of street contest held in and around major Texas cities to bring the skaters together. So far it has proved to be a huge success and we hope to continue it.Jason Reyna.


  1. Fritz Peitzner
  2. Hunter Grimm
  3. Matt Rankin

Summer Vacation (Unreleased 2004): Chase & Michael

Friday, January 18th, 2013

May 2009 Repost.

Chase Rushing and Michael Stein from Summer Vacation by Lonnie Gallegos (Unreleased 2004).

Chase Rushing and Michael Stein from Summer Vacation by Lonnie Gallegos (Unreleased 2004).

Song: The Octopus Project – What They Found. Thanks White Trash (forums).

Texas Skate Series: Dallas, Edit by Kristian Payne

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Texas Skate Series: Dallas

Dallas Texas was the 5th stop of the Texas Skate Series. After the first spot in Denton, Tx, we headed to the second spot where we were kicked out and then followed by the police to the back up second spot.

After being told we were not allowed to hold the event and being followed by the cop again all the way back to a near by skate park, we decided it was time to leave Denton.

Therefore, the not so Dallas comp in Denton, turned back into the Dallas comp as we headed south for the final spot: “Carolton Kink”.

Overall the comp was fun and a lot of crazy things went down. Big thanks to everyone who came out and supported and congratulations to Mason, John and Russell for taking the top three spots.

Music: “Sin City” and “To the World” off of Kanye West’s new production, Cruel Summer.
Cameras: Panasonic Hvx200a, Canon t3i, Canon 60d.

Dallas Days by Kristian Payne

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Dallas Days by Kristian Payne

Quoting Kristian Payne:

“Dallas Days” is a montage made to try and bring back the old feeling of Dallas excitement full of big sessions and a wholesome scene rather then the going out solo and filming individual sections, which it has recently become.

The Dallas Scene, to me, was an inspiration growing up and lately I have been watching it slowly disperse and no longer have that feel of a scene but more of a few individuals.

Making this edit has showed me that the scene here in Dallas, Texas is as big as it ever was and still going hard in the paint.

Featuring Brady Johnston, Josh Navarifar, John Sullivan, Galen Gallman, Fritz Peitzner, D.J. Karp, Kristian Payne, Rene Rulvacaba, Troy Maimone, Jaysin Williams and Jordan Smith.

Thank you to those who helped film this: Fritz Peitzner, Jaysin Williams, and Troy Maimone.

Song: Curren$y – J.L.R.
Camera stuff: Canon t2i w/ f1.8 50mm and 18-55 kit lens ; Panasonic HMC40 ; Canon 60d.

Previously: Brady Johnston, Spring 2012 Profile by Kristian Payne.

Troy Maimone Vs Tyler the Creator, by Pat Leal

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

Troy Maimone

Troy Maimone, One of Dallas, TX’s finest on a pair of aggressive inline skates. Directed by Pat Leal.

Sidenote: Troy didn’t pick the songs for his section… Rather, the Leprechaun did. If you don’t like the music then press mute and put on some Doors, Beatles, Rolling Stones, or whatever else type of music you like! SYF!

Disinfo: Thanks to Josh Glowicki for providing additional golden clips that were supposed to be in “AU”.

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