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Tim’s Horton (Canada): Trailer + Full Video (2014)

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Update: added full video.

On a remote island off the east coast of Canada, a group of employees are fed up with their careers. Out of sheer frustration, an inline skating team is formed.

Tim's Horton (Canada): Trailer (2014)

Featuring all of your favourite staff members: Pradeep, Chris, Conor, James, Jack, and Bobby. Also featuring Bill, JD, Steve, Julian, & Joey. Chief of Surveillance: Colin Brattey. Additional Surveillance by Danny Beer, Errol Elli, & Chris Brattey. Baked by Colin Brattey.

Full Video


From the makers of Fish ‘n’ Clips. Video on Sellfy.

Fish n’ Clips by Colin Brattey (Canada)

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

February 23, 2014 update: full video added.

Fish n' Clips by Colin Brattey (Canada): Trailer

A rollerblading video shot on the coasts of Canada. featuring Liam Flanagan, Douis Brattey, Brodye Chappell, JD Hackett, Danny Beer, Colin Brattey, Errol Elli, Conor Thompson, Steve Evans, Richard Boone, Brian Long, Leon Basin, Josh Silver, David Marsh & more.

Full Video Captured by Colin Brattey and Danny Beer. Gutted & Filleted by Colin Brattey. Additional Filming by Sean Berrigan.


Previously: Danny Beer (Canada), Fish n’ Clips by Colin Brattey.

Danny Beer (Canada): Fish n’ Clips by Colin Brattey

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Danny Beer: Fish n' Clips by Colin Brattey

Full video dropping February. Additional filming by Errol Elli, Brian Long, Douis Brattey, Todd McInerney and Richie Eisler.