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Chris Farmer: Through The Looking Glass Ad

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Through The Looking Glass Ad

Chris Farmer: Through The Looking Glass Short Ukskate Promo Edit
Thanks Jordan Chow (

DVD – Through the looking glass – Best of Farmer

Through the Looking Glass is the new Chris Farmer DVD which features a compilation of all your favorite Chris Farmer sections over the years.

How can one aggressive skater have enough footage for an entire DVD? This is Chris Farmer we are talking about, he’s been dropping hammers years before you learned the difference between a flat set up and an anti-rocker set up. This is 18 sections of Chris Farmer with possible bonus footage.

The DVD features Chris Farmer’s sections from:

# Intelligent Productions # Life +1 # VG 19 # Beyond # Life +2 # None # US # Underestimated # Words # AIR # Juice # KFC 3 Straightjacket # Bang # Feet # Accidental Machines # Meantime # Barely Dead # Mama Weer All Crazee Now

Below you can see his legendary KFC 3 section:

Thanks Ukskate.

Chris Farmer: US Profile by Brandon Negrete

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

chris farmer

Chris Farmer: US Profile by Brandon Negrete (RIP).
The full US Video is online here. Thanks Nebulastars.

Chris Farmer: Interview & Through The Looking Glass Dvd Cover

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

chris farmer : Through The Looking Glass Dvd Cover

Chris Farmer: Through The Looking Glass Dvd:

In stores April 18th.

This disc includes the following highlights: Intelligent Productions, Life+1, VG19, Beyond, Life+ 2, None, US, Underestimated, Words, AIR, Juice, KFC3: Straight Jacket, Bang, Feet, Accidental Machines, The Meantime & Barely Dead.

Candid interview with Chris Farmer:

Chris Farmer and Chauncey LeRock embarked on a several hour ride through Germany in the back of a cargo van. Many things were discussed, and this is what was caught on film.
Via Youhatetoloveit.

Life+: Haffey Farmer Broskow @ the Duck Ledges

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

Haffey Farmer Broskow

Just some raw footage from a session with Chris Haffey, Alex Broskow and Chris Farmer.

Pretty much the best rollerbladers in the world. Ruff Rugged and Raw footage from a fun little session showing that the pros know how to have fun too.

The nice footage that AJ got will be in the 4×4 video or the Vibralux video or something else extremely awesome.

After you check this out go to the Vibralux site @ or the to support the kick ass rollerblading companies that don’t suck and actually make rollerblading look good. Till next time!


Xsjado Basic 2 & Chris Farmer 2 skates : Final Photos

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

xsjado basic 2 skates
up : Xsjado Basic 2 Skates.

xsjado basic 2 skates shoes
up : Xsjado Basic 2 Skates, sneaker.

Thanks Razor_dave (dedicated forum’s topic). Via Revolution.

xsjado Chris Farmer 2 skates
up : Xsjado Chris Farmer 2.

Blade Blog Seventeen – Chris Farmer & St. John

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Download the video (40 mb) / via One


Rollerblade Point 8 Giveway

One Mag is organising a contest. Link

Chicago’s Matthias St. John received the wrong size of the new Rollerblade Point 8 skates and has decided to hold a contest!

Submit your 30 second clips via YouTube here and tell him why you should be the lucky person to get these size 7 skates for FREE. In case you didn’t know, these new skates offer a new system that allows you to rock up to 72mm wheels on the outside while still maintaing a low profile.


-thirty second edit
-Size 7 skates
-Edit can be skating or lifestyle
-Just impress, reason, get free stuff!

Winners announced on Valentines Day.

New Farmer Xsjado (?)

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Enlarge the picture / via

4×4 Chris Farmer & Alex Broskow Wheels, more pics

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

4x4 ad
up : 4×4 Ads from One Magazine Issue 5

Rat-Tail posted more photos of the 4×4 Chris Farmer & Alex Broskow wheels. Link

Check more photos here (posted on 8th of June 2007).

4x4 wheels

4×4 : Chris Farmer & Alex Broskow Wheels

Friday, June 8th, 2007

4x4 Chris Farmer Wheels

up : 4×4 Chris Farmer Wheels

4x4 Alex Broskow Wheels

up : 4×4 Alex Broskow Wheels

Thanks superroller_03

Chris Farmer and Jeff Stockwell on Groundcontrol

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

ground control

As seen on their myspace Chris Farmer and Jeff Stockwell are now skating GC frames.
Thanks Clickdeath

Ground control consists of a large number of both American and International riders and supporters.

The American Ground Control family includes Brian Shima, Mike Johnson, Alex Broskow, Eric Bailey, Chris Haffey, Brian Aragon, Frankie Morales, Eric Perkett, Nick Wood, Lyle Shivak, Damien Wilson, Micah Yeager, Pancho Barerra, Sean Santamaria, Sean Keane, Chris Farmer, Jeff Stockwell, Michael Collins, Mike Lilly, Chris Cheshire, Connor O’Brien and Brenton Wheeler.

The Ground Control international family includes Stefan Horngacher, Dominik Wagner, Viktor Pillau, Mark Stamer, Max Visser, David Benski, Chris Weber, Andreas Wagenblast, Mike Welland, Andy Spary, Chris Doughty, Sam Davis, Ty Brisset, Mark Trebble, Frazer Watson, Giles Mulligan, Remy Meister, Momo Sylva, Cedric Eisenring, Cosimo Tassone, Jona Messerli, Sandro Brun, Patrick Studer, Andrey Borzenko, Andrey Zaytsev, Lolya Kreyvis, Spartak Alemasov, Jonathan David Prados, Juan Rueda, Paco Rey and Yuri Botelho.

Chris Farmer on 4×4

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

chris farmer

It seems that Chris Farmer joined the 4×4 team.
So what about Mindgame ?

Thanks to all the people that email me about this, the list would be too long ;) You know who you are ;)

Xsjado : Chris Farmer Edit

Friday, June 16th, 2006

chris farmer

We have a new edit up on the Xsjado download page of Farmer. Some of you may have seen a lot of this footage in videos like Feet and Quality, but the edit hosts a few new tricks (we’re saving the majority of his new stuff for the Mindgame video) and was put together by Farmer himself.

If you haven’t seen Feet or Quality, than this should act as incentive for you to check them out.

Download the video edit here | thanks Azrider !

Xsjado Farmer Review by the South Side Kids

Saturday, January 21st, 2006

xsjado video review
“You look good you skate good”

A fun video, really worth the watch! Check the Video | thanks bamaroller2k5 !

koubis edit : this edit was already posted on the site, this is the Fruitboot Xsjado Review, so check the link if your computer wasn’t able to play back the mp4 video file correctly, like it was the case for me!

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