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Blake Taylor (33) Shreds NYC: 2014 Park Edit

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Blake Taylor (33) Shreds NYC: 2014 Park Edit

My boy Blake Taylor came to visit NJ/NYC and i had to show him around town. – StreetVisuals.

Skating starts at 1:15. Filmed and edited by Ed Martinez.

Blake Taylor (31): Remz Farewell Edit by Jon Fromm

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Blake Taylor

This piece is of this past year’s worth of footage. It captures a mixture of my final days skating in Tallahassee, FL. to my relocation in Miami.

At 31 years of age, I have been riding flow for Remz for the past 2 years. As a Remz flow rider I feel I have a responsibility to project and maintain a well rounded ability of my craft to represent the brand.

It is why I regret to announce that I feel that I can no longer maintain the level I expect from myself.

Video Offline.

The responsibility of amateur skating has been squeezed out by higher priority responsibilities, and I will be stepping down from my spot on the Remz flow team.

I can not thank Kato, the owner of Remz skates, enough for the opportunity. The chance to have my skating viewed, critiqued, and maybe even mimicked has been a dream achieved.

This is by no means is an end to my passion but a change to the approach of my craft. In order to maintain longevity, I must plan accordingly. -Blake Taylor.