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BCSD 2010: Edit + Inline Warehouse Interviews

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

BCSD 2010: Aaron Schultz Edit

Featuring Chris Haffey, Avichai Weschler, Jeff Stockwell, Alex Broskow, David Sizemore, Michael Garlinghouse, John Bolino, Nick Wood, Brett Urbas, Soichiro Kanashima, Jeff Dalnas, Brian Aragon, Damien Wilson, Billy Oneill, Victor Arias, Montre Livingston, Joey Chase, Davee Jones, Brian Murphy, Wake Schepman, Dre Powell, Erik Bailey & more.

bittercold showdown

BCSD 2010: Inline Warehouse Interviews


Team TRS at Bittercold 2010

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

26th Edit of the Bittercold Showdown 2010!

BCSD 2010: One Edit + Pat Leal Footage

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

BCSD 2010: One Edit

Bitter Cold Showdown 2010 through the lenses of ONE. Delayed bags, snowy roads, industry meetings, the crowded tradeshow, and the main event — here’s yet another recap of the action to add to the memory banks.

Featuring the blading of Jeff Stockwell, Alex Broskow, Chris Haffey, John Bolino, Soichiro Kanashima, David Sizemore, Michael Garlinghouse, Billy O’Neill, and more.

— ONE.

Pat Leal Footage:

More Pat Leal Footage:

Street Artist & Vibralux @ BSCD 2010

Monday, March 8th, 2010

This edit features the riders and affiliates of Vibralux Denim and Street Artist Urethane.

Track by Jet Moran feat. Kae Wun – Top of the World.

This is the intermediate and warm ups and all that bullshit.

Track: Dutch Newman; Do You Like Mine.

This edit highlights the finals of Bittercold Showdown Ten. Controversy ensued after Chris Haffey took the number one spot of what the crowd believed to be John Bolino’s win.

Either way everyone skated like mad men and we managed to only miss a few clips from the riders. Enjoy the dudes and affiliates in the Vibralux St.Ar edit.

Track: Drake – Over.

Check the 3 Videos in HD Streaming.
Thanks Adam Johnson & Razor_dave.

BCSD 2010: Brian Moore & David Amkhinich Edits

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Bittercold Showdown 2010: Brian Moore Edit

Shot on a Sony CineAlta EX1R, and an FX1 ; Cut in FCP, titled in After Effects and graded in Color.

Song – Candyman by Cornershop.

Bittercold Showdown 2010

Bittercold Showdown 2010: David Amkhinich

Filmed / Edited : David Amkhinich ; Contributing Footage : Alex Beaupre.

Bittercold Showdown 2010

Note: The Results on the Video are wrong ; full official results on

Check the Videos in HD Streaming.

Bittercold Showdown 2010: Edit & Photos

Friday, March 5th, 2010

bittercold showdown 2010

IrollNY Photos:

I Roll NY BCSD photographer Cesar Macay captured some of the best photos from the Bittercold Showdown that went down over the weekend.

Check the photos from the tradeshow, prelims, & the competition.

up: BCSD X by Ryan D’Souza

Skating by: Eric Miller, Kevin LeBron, Wake Schepman, Joe Torres. Song: Tegan & Sara – The Cure.

bittercold showdown 2010

Rat-tail @ the BCSD 2010:

This year’s Bitter Cold Showdown was yet again another amazing year of skating, fun, debauchery and drama.

It was great seeing so many skaters year after year converging on one spot, killing it and having a blast. Congratulations to 4×4 and Ground Control’s Chris Haffey for taking first place!

Also Congrats to the rest of our riders who placed in the top 10. John Bolino (Nimh / Vicious) placed 2nd. Brian Aragon (Ground Control) placed 3rd. Alex Broskow (4×4) placed 4th. Brian Shima (Nimh / 4×4 / Vicious / Ground Control) placed 8th. Jeff Stockwell (Vicious) placed 9th.

Check the Rat-Tail BCSD Photos.

bittercold showdown 2010

Iowa goes to Bittercold 2010:

All controversy and destruction aside, I had a great time at Bittercold this year. Getting the chance to meet up with all my friends and watching the best blading on the planet is what the Bittercold experience is all about.

I won’t say anymore about this year, I’ll just let the photos and edit do the talking.

Words by B.J. Bales ; Photos by B.J. Bales and Andrew Hall.

Check the Iowa-Connection BCSD Article.

Detroit: Rollerbladers in Town for Major Event

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

chris haffey
up: Chris Haffey (Credit: WJBK | myFOX Detroit).

It’s called stunt rollerblading, and one of the biggest events in the world is happening here in metro Detroit this weekend.

Would you believe the world’s premiere indoor skate park is right on the border of Madison Heights and Royal Oak?

“We have people from Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Australia,” said owner George Leichtweis.

Leichtweis is once again welcoming the best inline skaters and thousands of spectators for the Tenth Annual Bitter Cold Showdown at Modern Skate Friday and Saturday. […]

Check the Full Article + Chris Haffey Interview on
Thanks Chris G.

chris haffey
-Chris Haffey, World’s Best Rollerblader. Photo: @Deecizzy.
Poor Taig Khris :(

BCSD 2010: Connected, Remz, Brian Aragon & More

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

BCSD 2010, Day at the beach:

BitterCold ShowDown has nothing to do with the beach or the beachboys or even california. But the contest was so good it was better than a day at the beach staring at girls in bikinis… Even if it was freezing, nothing bitter about it.

BCSD X | Remz Pro Team:

Nick Brazinsky Edit:

Raw clips of the competition that went down at BCSD:

Brian Aragon: Bittercold Pre-session:

One: Checking the crowd at BCSD X

One: Checking the crowd at BCSD X

Okay, so we need some help. We were looking through some of the best pics photographer John Haynes shot while BCSD X unfolded, and we found ourselves getting distracted by some of the awesome, random crowd moments today’s ultra-high resolution cameras provide us a glimpse of in the backgrounds.

Which is where you folks come in. Let’s get some captions from you guys. How about our favorite caption wins their choice of a ONE t-shirt or lithograph set? Let the fun begin, and see the action we cropped out of these shots when the pics hit the pages next issue.


Check the full Article on

BCSD 2010: Razors, Valo & Vinny Minton Edits

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Razors News | Bittercold 2010 Video Piece | |

Valo at BitterColdShowDown 2010

Bitter Cold Show Down – The Trade Show + Comp
Edit by Vinny Minton

Check the Videos in HD Streaming.

2010 Bittercold Showdown: Edits Flood + Bonus

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Remz Flow Riders | BCSD 2010 Pre-session:

Footage from Remz Flow riders skating the Bittercold Showdown Pre Session in Detroit, MI (also featuring a few clips from the contest and aftersession).

Starring Ryan Sibbio, Brady Johnston, Tony Rivitsuo, Brad Magnuson, Stefan Brandow, Jerry Butler, and Dave Lang.

Bruce Bales Edit:

The 2010 Bittercold Showdown as seen by the Iowa Connection.

BCSDX – Dedication to James Short and Sean Callahan:

Bonus: Valo Soichiro Kanashima Skates:

Valo Soichiro Kanashima Skates
HD Picture of the Skates.

More Photos of the BCSD 2010 on the Soichiro Kanashima Blog.

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