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Alex Ryerson: Bodacious Bodegas (2016)

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Alex Ryerson: Bodacious Bodegas (2016)

Some clips of new and old. Filmed by Augusto Castillo, Sean Grossman, Tadd Labozzetta, Mike Torres, Christian Delfino & Ian Copp.

One Day NY: The Beats + Alex Ryerson Edit

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

As of lately, I’ve been on a overall mission to get rid of all my footage before the summer starts. The following clips are a mixture of very recent material or footage that has been shot within the past three years.

We started ODNY really small with just a handful of local skaters in Queens, NY and have had the pleasure of expanding the crew and friends beyond the scope of our own city.

While we continue to grow in very tiny increments, this edit is for everyone who has supported us from day one.

If we’ve filmed with you before and have yet to see any of your footage in our edits, don’t worry you shall see your stuff soon. We have much bigger plans in stored for the summer like a new more user friendly site and possibly our first very own video production. Stay tuned.

Cool’n out in NY: Alex Ryerson

Alex Ryerson from Brooklyn, NY keeps the clips rolling w/ more previews. The following was filmed over a two day weekend featuring spots in both Brooklyn and Queens.