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Kevin Lapierre: Ice Blading (2016) Round 2

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

Kevin Lapierre: Ice Blading (2016) Round 2

Kevin Lapierre testing the new ice blading frame with a groove made by Jean-Denis Caron. Filmed & edited by Yan Lecomte.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Lapierre.

Aggressive Ice Skates: Prototypes by Jean-Denis Caron
Ground control frames used as reference (larger picture).

aggressive ice skates by Jean-Denis Caron

Previously: Kevin Lapierre: Ice Blading (2014) Round 1.

Kevin Lapierre: Ice Blading (2014) Round 1

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Kevin Lapierre: Ice Blading

Kevin Lapierre testing the ice blading frame made by Jean-Caron Quebec. Filmed by Yan Lecomte in Drummondville.

Song: Yeasayer – DL incognito.

Red Bull Crashed Ice (2014): Wildcard Online Qualifier

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Red Bull has opened up 10 Wildcard spots for Crashed Ice in St Paul Minnesota on February 22nd. Watch the introductory video (youtube) to understand the skill level needed to compete in Crashed Ice.

Red Bull Crashed Ice: Wildcard Online Qualifier

Click Try Out to submit your best action video and increase your chances of qualifying! Selection will be based on votes and at the discretion of our expert panel. Good luck!

Jeremy Townsend – Entry (vote)
Song: Dvbbs, Borgeous, Dvbbs, Borgeous – Tsunami (Dj Riskone Mix).

Anthony Avella: International Wildcard (selected)

If you promote rollerblading in your entry, feel free to post your voting link in the comments, the post will be updated.

Red Bull Freeze 2013 (Japan)

Monday, January 20th, 2014

This one of a kind event was brought to life by Christian Papillon and experienced its first stop in Sapporo, Japan. Check out what happens when ice cross athletes get thrown into a skate park setting!

Red Bull Freeze 2013 (Japan)

Visit Thanks Brazil.

Xsjado ice skates? Food for thought!

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Xsjado ice skates

Spotted on

UFS Iceskates Frames

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

After posting about this UFS Iceskates Prototype, i got a lot of feedback, here are some goodies.

UFS Iceskates Frames

Latest interest in ice skating and the alternative uses for UFS, we thought we would join in the winter fun!

The UFS Iceblade story (The best solution to the current Ice Age weather):

5 years ago, Powerslide / USD in an effort to get even more kids into aggressive skating, came up with the “Iceblade” for the “Transformer” series of USD skates.

As one of the founding companies of the UFS system, it seemed like a natural transition to make this available for children, and give parents an added incentive to buy an “Aggressive” style skate, to allow their kids to skate on ice, play hockey with, and in the summer explore the wonderful world of aggressive skating.

As with the UFS system, it is as easy as unbolting the Kizer Midget frame and mounting the UFS Iceblade! These are on stock and also a great gift item! – Keep Rolling! – And Blading!

Conference Related Post.

RSI – S-Crash Iceblades

RSI - S-Crash Iceblades

S-Crash Iceblades can convert your aggressive skate to iceskates.

The blades are used in combination with frame that has 6mm wheel axels. If you only have the newer 8mm frames than you can buy the blades in combination with a suitable frame.

More Infos.

RSI - S-Crash Iceblades

German Iceframes Project


Check more infos in this thread (german language).

UFS Iceskates Prototype

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Short video demonstrating an UFS frame for ice skating.

UFS Iceskates Prototype

Thanks Jean-Denis Caron.

Ice Ramps : Aggressive Ice Skating, Edit

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

Aggressive Ice Skating

Here is an edit of Aggressive Ice Skating with more modules : looks like a lot of fun!

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Extreme Ice Skating

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

extreme ice skating
up : Pictures from

Dan Perceval, the founder of Xtreme Ice Skatingâ„¢, has been skating in the style of Xtreme for 13 years. He brings you a new style of ice-skating; a new Extreme.

It’s like street skating.. but on the Ice. It is THE hottest thing to hit the Ice!” Don’t just be aggressive, be Xtreme!

Thanks Sukeats!

extreme ice skating
up : Picture from Photo : Ron from Baldwin PAL.

Aggressive Ice Skating : Edit

Monday, December 18th, 2006

aggressive ice skating

Robert Brodrecht posted an Aggressive Ice Skating video with some words on this experiment :

Around noon on Friday, November 24th, 2006, Dale, Moody, and I met up to do a little Black Friday shopping of our own. Instead of hitting the malls, we went to Lowe’s and bought wood, screws, coping, and teflon spray. We headed back to my house after picking up Harry, a local skater and extra set of hands. We set to work building a small kicker and eight foot rail box. Three hours later, we were putting a synthetic ice surface on the finished product.

In the mean time, Moody mounted ice hockey frames on several pair of aggressive inline skate boots.

We finished just in time to hoof it up to the Pelham Civic Complex in Pelham, Alabama. After paying rental fees, we set up the ramps. Over the next few hours, we learned the ropes of a sport few have actually tried. I had been on ice skates a total of two times, making my third time the first time I had used sharpened blades. Luckily, my inline skating background transferred pretty well. Except for Dale, who has been skating almost as long as he’s been walking, the Ice Ramps team shared my sentiments.

Within the two hours, we attracted quite a crowd. The hand full of people we brought along to skate had doubled as onlookers joined the party. Everyone seemed to have fun and most of us fell nicely into the burgeoning sport.

Read more.

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Thanks B_rI_a_N.