Send a News

Send a News

Quick Advices for a faster processing of your news


Send some background informations about your news

  • Pictures that can be used to illustrate the news
  • A link! No kidding, about 30% of the messages i get have no link.
  • Author, featured skaters
  • Country & town
  • Date of the filming
  • Excerpt of the video content
  • Videos: No embed codes. Just send a link to the page hosting your video. Examples: ;
  • Double check your email. If the mail is wrong, i won’t be able to answer you back.

My news was not published
Here are some advices to get your news on Rollernews.

  • Don’t hesitate to post your news on the forums to spread the info.
  • Give all the details you can about your news ; a news labelled ‘great video’ with only a link will take way more time to be published than a news including all the elements listed in the section above.
  • Resend a message, if you have no feedback after 3-4 days.


  • You want to promote your event? Don’t wait for people to do your job. Post all infos in the forums, this includes flyers, schedules, link to facebook events, etc. Forums topics are linked on the main page and every other RN pages (check the sidebar).
  • If you want your flyer/infos to be featured in the top banner (gallery), create a forum’s topic with all the details and contact us (email above).