Rob Kellett (Australia): Tianjin City (China, 2015)

Spent the last few months blading, filming and hanging out in Tianjin City, China. Tianjin is indescribably amazing! The culture, the people and the city itself are all things that make this place one of the raddest cities I’ve ever visited!

Rob Kellett x China (2015)

Out in the streets on the hunt for spots every day we could, Paulie Haack, Oliver Czaja and myself managed to stack a bunch of clips from our time there. China is like something else when it comes to street spots, perfect ledges, dodgy chrome rails, random architecture, amazing views, and seemingly not a single security guard that doesn’t like rollerblading!

Skating starts at 1:40.

For this section I tried to do something a little different, didn’t want to use the typical “song for an edit”, so I hunted down some old school chinese funk and went with that! Hope y’all feel it!Rob Kellett. Filmed by Oliver Czaja, Paulie Haack, AJ Stine, Mitch Macrae & Rob Kellett. Edited by Robert Kellett.

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  • Matt Caratelli

    Yeeeeeeeaaah boy!

  • Kaig Thris

    songs names! bang bang

  • Billy Prislin

    Weak skating that doesn’t necessitate a helmet at all. Music was solid though.

    • Open Records

      Get over it… if someone wants to protect themselves, that’s there business. Hardly weak skating either.

      • Billy Prislin

        Does your mommy make you wear your helmet too? That’s understandable, you seem new to the game if you think that’s not weak skating.

      • Open Records

        Actually it was your mum :)

      • Billy Prislin

        Your comeback is as clever as it is original….

    • Rob Kellett

      Glad you liked the music!

  • RuemliBlader

    super smooth style man
    if that’s really billy prislin then that’s what’s wrong with our sport

    • Billy Prislin

      If there is anything wrong with this sport it’s all the small b.s. tricks that make it into edits and sections and see the light of day all because they’re deemed “stylish”. The only problem with 90% of the skaters out there is their style is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to jock CK and Lilly with an over exaggerated style template that makes dudes look like figure skaters and gymnasts .

      • Rob Kellett

        Cool outlook man. Have fun with that.

    • Clemounet

      Damn ! I used to like the real Billy Prislin. Hope this trollernews just took his name.